StoneFly Z-series disaster recovery and backup appliance highlights!

StoneFly Inc., a pioneer in offering iSCSI storage, is now presenting a Z-series DR Backup appliance which is purpose built to act a single backup solution for your entire enterprise physical and virtual server and workstation needs. This total backup solution helps in managing all your enterprise backup operations for your datacenter or office through a single central management console.

StoneFly™ DR16Z and StoneFly DR24Z appliance nodes can be scaled up to 768 terabytes of backup and storage capacity for your business. So, if your enterprise storage needs grow in parallel to your business growth, StoneFly Z-series of DR backup appliances can come to your rescue, as every node on these appliances can accommodate any combination of SATA, SAS and SSD storage tiers as required, achieving the performance needed for your requirements.

And embedded hypervisor allows backup up virtual machines to be spun up directly on the Z-series appliance.

The other highlights of this appliance include:

  • Backup all your virtual and physical machines with disk level snapshots including operating systems, applications and data.
  • With the help of compression and deduplication the volume of backup data can be reduced by up 90% and maximum backup speeds can be achieved.
  • StoneFly™ Z series of backup appliance facilitates the usage of backup operations of all your physical and virtual machines from a single centralized backup management console.
  • This appliance has the ability to create sector-by-sector backups for an exact copy of your disk or volume including unused space.
  • With the help of granular and file-level backing feature, specific files and folders or even network shares can be backed up.
  • You can manually exclude non-essential files or folders from your backups.
  • You can schedule backups on hourly, daily, weekly and on event based.
  • You can balance all backups with bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling.
  • For those who are more concerned about the security factor, StoneFly Z series of backup appliances posses SSL encrypted data transmissions over the network and 256-bit AES encryptions for backups.
  • With the presence of change block tracking feature the volume of the backed up data can be reduced.
  • In terms of data recovery, StoneFly™ Z series DR backup appliances offer the following privileges.
  • Restoration of individual files, folders, volumes or an entire system from any point of time is possible with these appliances usage.
  • Optional specialized backup agents for SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Active directory provide reliable recovery of configurations, databases, or individual items such as an email message, table, document or domain controller. This feature is automatically included with VMware and Hyper-V Backup agent licenses.
  • You can recover a file or system from any point in time using incremental or differential backups. Backup images can be mounted as local read-only or read-write volumes.
  • With the presence of Bare Metal Recovery feature an entire system can be completely restored to the same hardware, or even to a brand new system with dissimilar hardware by injecting drivers to support the new hardware (Physical to Physical – P2P).
  • In order to minimize downtime, fast bare-metal restore and active restore traits help to recover blocks pertinent to booting the system and applications.
  • The other highlight is that Backups of Virtual Machines can even be restored to a completely different Hypervisor platform.
  • Protect your data and increase system uptime with high performance hardware RAID.
  • Your IT team can copy backup images to tapes or portable hard drives for an additional level of disaster recovery. Those tapes or external hard drives can then be transported off of the premises to be safely stored in offsite vaulting. If a catastrophe strikes, those offsite backups can then be used to restore your data on a new machine.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly Z Series DR Backup Appliance.

Note: even if you are not based in United States, do not worry. StoneFly services and support is available in Europe, Asia and Australia as well as in Middle East.

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Why do we need better business intelligence?

In simple terms, when businesses irrespective of their size and vertical lack enough information to make the right decision, then Business Intelligence (BI) happens to be the right tool to consider. It helps to overcome all difficulties in acquring the needed information and gives you the best possible insight and basis for decision.

There are several benefits a Business Intelligence solution offers and are as follows-

Helps in sharing info in an efficient and effective way across your organization – BI makes it easy for everyone to access and analyze up-to-date info anytime, anywhere. Everyone throughout the company can participate in decision making in a synchronized way.

Empower enterprise employees – Providing employees with access to analytical data that is readily available and understandable allows them to work more effectively and support the overall business growth strategy.

Simplify collaboration, sharing and improves alignment with a single source for accurate financial and operational info – Having a single centralized location allows you to monitor your key performance indicators, access reports, analyze data and share documents. All of the functional areas are aligned to articulate strategies, set objectives and monitor the organization’s performance so you can make better informed and timely decisions that support your overall business strategy.

Helps in gaining insights to understand and analyze your business performance and the opportunities to explore – BI helps in analyzing and evaluating information that is more accessible and easy to interact with to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Helps in delivering meaningful analysis and reporting and it can track and analyze KPIs against key business goals to gain a better understanding of how your business is performing today and not when it’s too late to impact performance.

Many companies rely solely on the most widely BI used tools, the excel spreadsheet. While excel offers graphs, charts and pivot tables which assist in decision making, it may not act as a gradient to scale your business. Also, compiling data from multiple disparate databases is time consuming and is prone to errors. However, Excel is still a key component of a total BI solution.

Now, for those who are looking to capitalize on these BI solutions, Dynamic Network Factory can help in offering the best assistance, as it has tremendous expertise in BI, data warehousing and analytics arena. DNF has vendor-agnostic and platform agnostic capabilities which help business organizations analyze millions of bits of information in real-time and make better predictive assumptions on the future. These insights and assumptions help organizations gain the much needed edge in today’s highly crowded and competitive marketplace and evolve from a market leader to an industry leader.

To know more call 510 265 1122 or click on DNF Analytics & Business Intelligence link.

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Can your Security System handle rising Megapixel Camera resolution?

Here’s a video from DNF Security which will let you know whether your security system can handle rising Megapixel Camera resolution. The video discusses about the past and present day needs of video surveillance, how much bandwidth will you cameras need and how to calculate the capacity and server abilities required for a surveillance deployment.

Can your Security System handle rising Megapixel Camera resolution?

DNF Security is a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video surveillance solutions. Each DNF Security video solution is designed to handle the most complex video surveillance and physical security environments. The company which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers a comprehensive range of products that provide enhanced storage protection, redundancy, high availability, and superior scalability in each cost-effective configuration. Our video hardware platforms take the guesswork out of video surveillance.

Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, DNF has provided small businesses and enterprises worldwide with innovative storage and server solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of video surveillance solutions including intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations, and scalable IP storage. By using open-platform architecture on all our systems, we ensure high performance and compatibility with leading IP and mega pixel cameras, and video management software.

With a growing nationwide customer base, DNF Security simplifies the unique security video management needs of small to medium enterprises (SME), law enforcement agencies, gaming, municipalities, and government agencies.

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Seven fascinating facts about the future of facial recognition!

Facial Recognition (FR) is giving a new meaning to the security surveillance world nowadays. Though, its logical availability is since 2009, the advantages of its usage are coming into light now. But to our surprise its future dominance in different verticals was predicted way back in 2010, when a research was conducted on it.

In the said year, Alessandro Acquisti from Carnegie Mellon University Cylab focused his attention on facial recognition software. He and his team conducted a study, where about 2.5 billion photos were uploaded to Facebook in a single month, many of them tagged. For the study, Alessandro and his fellow researchers snapped photos of students on a college campus and found that more than 30% of them were identifiable by off-the shelf facial recognition software. From there, by using data mining algorithms, the researchers were also able to identify the first five digits of many of these students’ social security numbers.

To know more on where this technology is heading, please take a closer look at the following paragraphs, which gives the different usage instances of this technology.

Identifiable online daters – An important part of online dating is, obviously being anonymous. People can never know who the real person is until they come face to face. So, you can make up a screen name in order to keep the surprise element intact and to avoid creepers from showing up at your office uninvited. In the study made in 2010 by Alessandro with the name “Privacy in the age of augmented reality” he and his fellow researchers analyzed 6000 online profiles on a dating site in the same US city. By using four cloud computing cores and facial recognition, they were able to identify 1 in 10 of these anonymous daters. Remember this technology has improved three-fold since then.

Better tools for law enforcement – After the Boston Marathon bombing, the police commissioner of Boston said that the facial recognition software had not helped them identify Dzhokar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, despite the fact that the two were in public record database and were pictured at the scene in disguise. Experts such as Acquisti said that the difficulties can be conquered by using increased resolution of photos taken from megapixel and if possible Gigapixel cameras. But to achieve the best results improved computational capabilities of computers and the ever-expanding mountain of data available from social networks has to be integrated. In a fascinating article in Yahoo, pal Schuepp of the company Animetrics shares more specific advance- software that turns 2D images into a simulated 3D model of a person’s face. In a single second, it can turn an unidentifiable partial snapshot into a very identifiable headshot. He claims that the software can boost identification rates from 35% to 85% if properly used. (Hope so)

Full Body recognition – Allyson Rice of the University of Texas at Dallas has an idea of how facial recognition software could become even more accurate for law enforcement purposes. In a study published last year in Psychological Science, Rice and her fellow researchers asked college students to discern whether two photos- which had stumped facial recognition software were indeed of the same person. They used eye-tracking equipment to discern how the participants were making the call. In the end, they found that students were far more accurate in their answers when the face and body of the subject was shown. And while the participants reported judging based on facial features, their eyes were spending more time examining body build, stance and other body features. Rice feels that psychologists and computer scientists have concentrated almost exclusively on the role of the face in person recognition. But he added that his research has also showed that the body can also provide important and useful information for identifying a person.

Face Scan for phone – You might be aware of “Face unlock” which is a feature that allows you to unlock Android smart phones using your face print i.e a map of the unique structure of your face. This is just the beginning of having a face recognition security measure. In June last year, there was a media buzz, that Google patented a technology that would turn goofy facial expressions such as a wink, a scrunched nose, a smile, a struck out tongue into a code to unlock devices. In early 2015, Facebook announced that it will offer the ability to its users to sign-in through their face in future with the help of it’s newly acquired Israeli firm software.

Facial recognition as promotion – Pretty soon facial recognition can be used to influence what you buy? In 2012, an interactive ad for Choice for Girls was launched at bus tops in London. These billboards were able to scan passersby, judge their gender and show them appropriate content. Girls and women got a video, while boys and men got stats on a subject. Though this ad was for good cause, it couldn’t live up and so was taken down. But this technology will no doubt expand and could allow corporations and organizations to tap into the personal lives of their populace in unpredictable ways. Personalized ads as we walk down the street, like in the scene of Minority Report, can be repeated. Infact Gucci brand started to test this technology outside one of its showrooms of New York in early 2014. But due to privacy concerns and some objections from the passersby had to be pulled down within 8 hours of its release. But Acquisti has a viewpoint that this way of promotion has a potential to be used for more subtle applications- like the ads that can identify us and our favorite two friends on facebook. From there, it’s a snap to create a composite image of a person who’ll start in an ad targeted just to us. Another instance where FR may show its prominence is in the following case where establishments like Wallmart are using technology such as Facedeals to capture its consumers walking into an establishment, mining their facebook likes and text messages and creating a deal exclusively for them. Though, Wallmart offered this deal only for thanksgiving last year, it was a definite hit.

Shattered Glass of Google – as Acquisti notes in his talk, the fact that someone’s face can be used to find out private info is especially disconcerting given Google Glass emergence on the scene. In June 2014, US lawmakers questioned Google about the privacy implications of the device and in response, Google stressed out that they won’t be approving any facial recognition glassware at this time. But what if the user decides to use it? In July, Stephen Balaban announced to NPR and the world that he had hacked glass in order to give it facial recognition powers. He added that his new build is an alternative operating system that runs on glass but is not controlled by Google. In the same year, Michael DiGiovanni created a program called WINKY for glass that let’s the wearer take a photo with a wink, rather than using the voice command.

Your face as currency – In July, a Finnish company called Uniqul released a video of a project in the works, a pay-by-face authentication system. The idea was to pay by face than by cash or credit card. A Huffington post article described this new tech, and also gives a peak at the Millennial ATM, which uses facial recognition as its primary security method.

Subsequently, a point to be noted over here is that facial recognition is evolving rapidly. It is not only driving the surveillance world, but is also pegging its roots into other verticals.

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Importance of safe Data Storage for Small Business!

Data Storage is turning vital to every business, irrespective of the size and vertical it holds. But small businesses often underestimate the need to have good data storage in order to safely backup vital information and to distribute data quickly when required.

However, this practice seems to be slowly changing these days, as most of the organizations are learning the importance of having a reliable storage, out of their disastrous experiences of meddling with a shaky one.

Thankfully, there are some inexpensive storage options available for organizations, irrespective of their status of being a start-up or in the market to expand their current storage solutions.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your company information or simply need additional data storage for your growing business, then please pursue the following instructions and succeed.

First and foremost

Generally speaking, they are number of reasons why data storage happens to be a vital part of any business, and one of the biggest factors is keeping company information secure from hacking pirates. Malware can easily wipe off data and it’s imperative that backup solutions are in place in order to quickly retrieve wiped files. Catastrophic disasters like snowcalypse, floods or fires can also lead to data loss; which is why disaster recovery solutions can help a business to access their info as quickly as possible. To save from this negative juncture a sound backup strategy will be needed and the resource could be as simple of whether storing data on external hard drive or on cloud storage.

The need for scalable storage

As a business grows so does the need for more sophisticated storage facilities, especially if you have employees dealing with apps (like financial transactions) which require large amounts of information storage. For certain businesses there may also be legal compliance requirements that mean certain historic information must be stored as part of data retention policies. There’s also the simple scenario of upgrading software in your business making higher demands on your HDDs over the long term. All of these factors plus the safety of your info should be enough to make business owners aware of the importance of this tech requirement.

Storage needs assessment

Factually speaking, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to enterprise data storage. So some assessments should be taken before deciding on the right solution to meet your storage needs. An assessment should include old and duplicated information, as well as non-business related data and how long certain data has to be retained. Other factors such as how quickly the business would recover from a disaster and the ability to share info easily with off-site employees also need some spotlight. The other point will be the need to free up more space via off-site servers and cloud storage solutions. Though, the later needs a second thought when it comes to security and integrity factor. If carefully handled can prove handy.

Available storage options

The good news for small businesses is that there is a wide range of data storage options available to suit every size of business. This can include expensive smaller devices such as flash memory thumb drive for mobile use, external hard drives for those who need little additional storage or move it to cloud Storage. Third party storage such has backing up from your own network to a remote data center server is another safe and reliable option, which can be good for large companies.

To those, who are more worried to keep their data safe and secure and are not worried about the investment NAS and SAN appliances can also prove helpful. Obviously, if data is critical for a business to perpetuate, going for hybrid appliance which offers on-site storage needs and integrates with cloud storage can also be resourceful.

Storage upgrade

Upgrading your current data storage environment isn’t a move to be taken lightly. If your data storage environment is not up to the expected performance mark, then going for a forklift upgrade will surely make sense. If needed, approach a service provider like DNF Professional Services, which will look into your current IT needs and will devise and architect your storage environment as per your organizations future needs. All the pains and gains in upgrading, migrating your company storage resources & data will be looked after by the said company.

Hope, this article succeeds in enlightening those who are not aware of the importance of data storage.

Meanwhile, please share your comments in the comments section below and do let us know your bitter and sweet experiences about your current enterprise storage environments, upgrades, future planning and so on…

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Fibre Channel SAN business is down?

Fibre Channel SAN business is down and that is visible from the recently announced revenue figures of the FC trio- Brocade, Emulex and QLogic. As we have seen with Emulex and Qlogic’s results, Brocade has found growth through better business efficiencies, but the basic FC market is widely seen as a maturing one with little or no growth prospects.

Brocade’s first fiscal 2015 quarter netted in $576 m in revenue, but was just two percent higher than the previous quarter. Profits were $87m, in the same area as last quarters $83 m and the year-ago quarter’s $81m.

Sources from Brocade quote that this is still a health stand in the storage world. However, storage analysts predict the repeal.

Two years ago Brocade’s revenue was $589m. In the last four years, their revenue was bound between $540m and $590m and has been declining slowly on an annual basis. Growth in its Ethernet based business has not rescued the situation.

Though, the other two companies i.e. Emulex and Qlogic are smaller than Brocade’s FC and switch business, all three show revenue growth as flattish or declining since 2011.

Analysts feel that while a major chunk of the market is being occupied by iSCSI SAN vendors, the residue is being shared by Virtual SANs pooling server direct attached storage resources as well as by the public cloud storage.

Ironically speaking, FCoE, once seen as a great threat to FC, has not materialized as per the industry expectations with regards to market growth share.

The storage debate these days is not about how you access a single shared storage source, but about which of the several shared storage sources you need to best fit each workload.

To conclude, unless FC SANs show something better than scale-out filers, virtual SANs, cloud storage, HDFS and object storage, their growth is said to face stagnation.

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For Data Center Infrastructure Management needs contact Dynamic Network Factory!

IT Infrastructure in enterprises is getting more and more complex with each passing year. Some organizations are finding ways to cope with the complexities by hiring dedicated technical personnel along with the most sophisticated hardware. And some are looking for alternatives like Cloud Computing, which though addresses the issues related to management and investment in a positive way, but lacks adequate security & integrity factors.

With the increase in number of servers, switches, devices and network components usage, IT decision makers are not only staring at the complexity in managing these components, but are also gazing at the potential points of failure on a day-to-day basis.

Thus, a holistic approach in keeping the IT environment healthy is becoming an enterprise necessity and that is where data center infrastructure management solutions are turning into supportive resources.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) not only protrudes towards infrastructure management graph, but also encompasses the entire IT infrastructure. It includes energy management, asset management, availability management, risk management, service management, supply chain management and IT automation into its service span.

A DCIM can help IT decision makers in the following way:

  • It helps in creating workflows for, and automates routine procedures such as installation of data center equipment. Thus, this eliminates human errors and saves much of your It personals precious time.
  • It helps in calculating the future scenarios faced by your IT environment such as capacity planning and helps in readying your IT team to face the toughest.
  • It helps in optimi9zing energy consumption, minimizes carbon footprint and helps in managing expenditure on energy.
  • On an overall note, the main objective of your business can be fulfilled with the help of a DCIM.
  • It can help on examining a dashboard view of the entire IT infrastructure making it easy to isolate a particular asset and examine it in detail.

Dynamic Network Factory with its long history in Infrastructure management can fulfill all your organizations monitoring, capacity planning, physical and virtual infrastructure needs with simplicity. And it does this in a cost-efficient, reliable and professional manner so as to lower the TCO and maximize the ROI from your enterprise IT Infrastructure.

To know more call 510-265-1122 or send an email to

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How IP Surveillance Growth impacts the Security Industry?

DNF Security offers a video presentation which throws some light on IP surveillance growth impacts on security Industry. The video discusses about the benefits of using IP surveillance cameras, learning to build a resilient video surveillance & storage solution high-availability storage users and so on.

How IP Surveillance Growth impacts the Security Industry

DNF Security is a leading manufacturer of dependable, mission-critical video surveillance solutions. Each DNF Security video solution is designed to handle the most complex video surveillance and physical security environments. The company which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers a comprehensive range of products that provide enhanced storage protection, redundancy, high availability, and superior scalability in each cost-effective configuration. Our video hardware platforms take the guesswork out of video surveillance.

Headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, DNF has provided small businesses and enterprises worldwide with innovative storage and server solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of video surveillance solutions including intelligent digital or hybrid video management systems, video management engines, mobile surveillance systems, viewing workstations, and scalable IP storage. By using open-platform architecture on all our systems, we ensure high performance and compatibility with leading IP and mega pixel cameras, and video management software.

With a growing nationwide customer base, DNF Security simplifies the unique security video management needs of small to medium enterprises (SME), law enforcement agencies, gaming, municipalities, and government agencies.

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What is iSCSI and the benefits of iSCSI storage?

iSCSI which stands for ‘The Internet Small Computer System Interface’ is now the most popularly used protocol conversing with Storage Area Networks in SMBs as well as in large scale storage environments. It provides all the benefits of Block Storage with TCP/IP compatibility and makes storage consolidation effortless in data center storage arrays, while providing hosts, an illusion, that they are dealing with the locally attached disks. This storage protocol resolves the issues of distance, bandwidth, and standardization at a much lower cost.

The iSCSI protocol maps SCSI commands over a TCP/IP network and utilizes relatively inexpensive Gigabit Ethernet network components to send blocks of data over the IP network.

Therefore, IT staff looking for an alternative to the highly expensive Fibre Channel SANs can go for this iSCSI based SAN solutions which are efficient, fast and are driven by block based data transfer performance standards.

Moreover, by implementing iSCSI, enterprise IT teams can leverage their current network infrastructure investments, while reaping the benefits of future outburst of IP based network storage.

Here’s a sum-up of iSCSI Storage benefits:

  • It reduces the total cost of operation by offering increased storage utilization and manageability functions.
  • Your enterprise IT staff doesn’t require any training to gain extra skills for dealing with an iSCSI Storage. Since, they are already familiar with the TCP/IP technology; they can easily install and manage the network unlike Fibre Channel SAN deployment and management.
  • Since, IP is a universal and non-proprietary technology used globally for the past 30 years, various network storage equipments from different vendors can work seamlessly together.
  • By utilizing Gigabit Ethernet network components, organizations can significantly simplify their network storage environments.

StoneFly Inc., which is a California based company, delivers simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP Storage Area Network solutions and that includes iSCSI and Fibre Channel based solutions

StoneFly is a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage for departments, mid-tier workgroups and enterprise organizations. The solutions embrace exuberant storage features like Snapshot, Mirroring, Encryption, Asynchronization Replication, Deduplication, and Thin Provisioning. The heart of StoneFly iSCSI & Fibre Channel products is an award winning software called StoneFusion operating system. It is through this storage software that the features such as Storage Network Management, storage provisioning, centralized volume management, data migration and storage consolidation can be achieved.

Thus, if you are willing to expand your storage infrastructure or looking to go for a forklift storage upgrade; StoneFly SAN iSCSI & Fibre Channel solutions will act as a one stop solution to consolidate your whole data center into one appliance.

Note – StoneFly is a member of Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) and the founding member of the IP Storage Institute.

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How to maintain your Server Domain?

For those who want to know some tips to maintain your server, here are some points to catch up. Proper maintenance of server hardware ensures a longer life and decreases risk of problems. Without proper maintenance, the server will not run as smoothly and can often cause large issues that take more time and money to resolve.

Thus, to ensure that your server works perfectly fine, here are some tips to follow-

Make it a routine for preventative maintenance – This is the most important and easiest way to ensure that your server works for longer time. It is evident that servers work all around the clock for 365 days. And with server virtualization trend on the prowl, the question of servers being idle doesn’t arise. Thus, as a result of incessant work functions a lot of heat and dust particles start accumulating in and around the server. The best way to ensure no preventive maintenance is missed is to follow a schedule. Perform all preventative maintenance scheduled up like keeping a check on server temperature. Allow free air flow by keeping the vents clean and by keeping a tab on cooling solutions. Electricity supply free from any kind of voltage fluctuations is a must and that is ensured by properly planning the supply lay out with a backup.

Use management and monitoring tools – Always go for automated use of management and monitoring tools. It is essential to be notified promptly of any issues occurring with your server in real-time when administrating a critical server. Thus, automated notification tools, will ensure that your server stays in good health and is always up the performance mark.

Software patches and critical hardware firmware updates – For those who are using server software related to Microsoft or VMware, the software patches required at the right occasion are always distributed and updated by the said companies on time. Now, all you have to do is to keep your hardware up to date and ensure that your hardware can accommodate the software patches with full compatibility. Contacting the server manufacture is a great way to get up-to-date and accurate information.

Power supply for your server – Servers can kick up power use under high request loads. Don’t over-load your UPS where your server is getting its power. Ensure that your power supply is consistent for all your servers at all times, planning a head for those time when power usage will be at its max.

Ensure you replace components from a reliable source – Review proven compatibility matrices for your server and its maintenance parts. Ensure that replacement part numbers are certified by the OEM to work as compatible replacement units for hassle-free server computing. This will ensure that when there are problems, you always have the hardware you need to fix the problem quickly and accurately.

DNF Professional Services can help

DNF Professional Services can help in your server maintenance and upgrade necessities. According to your enterprise IT needs, if your office needs a complete makeover of server hardware, then DNF Professionals experienced and proficient services project managers can prove as a boon. A team of experts can review your current server environment, assess what you have and what is missing and then start the process of technology selection. The selection will be made by keeping factors such as data migration, server virtualization, performance assessment & optimization, server consolidation, storage consolidation, data security, disaster recovery, business continuity and remote management in mind. The total upgrade and migration pains are taken by DNF Professional, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory in order to ensure its customer a smooth and hassle-free transition.

The service doesn’t end with the server migration process. But if the customer likes and feels to have the service extended, DNF Corp can also maintain and support the services in full stream.

So, feel free to call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Professional Services.

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