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Practical RAID Optimization

There    are  many    factors   to  consider   when    optimizing   your   RAID    configuration,   such   as   reliability, performance, cost, access times, application type and operations under degraded mode. These factors influence how your RAID configuration is fully optimized. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of … Continue reading

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Surveillance System Considerations

Choosing an IP-based surveillance system is an important decision – there are several factors to consider. Since, network cameras transmit over your existing IP network, bandwidth is important. You’ll also need to think about storage based on archival time, image … Continue reading

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DAS to SAN Migration Using a Storage Concentrator™

A common side effect of server consolidation projects or implementing a centralized Fibre Channel SAN is scores of unused disk arrays. Many organizations are reluctant to perform that they call ‘forklift upgrades’. Through our extensive analysis we have found three … Continue reading

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It’s All About Restore

Peace of mind comes from knowing your backed-up data can actually be restored quickly and reliably. Backups can be easily verified, but there is high anxiety associated with confirming the reliability of a restore.    In most cases, knowing that a … Continue reading

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Secrets to Affordably Protecting Critical Data

Whenever IT managers assess the value of their company’s data, they should ask two basic questions:     1.  What is the immediate impact if we lose access to the data?     2.  How quickly must we regain that access? The … Continue reading

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Unleashing the SAN in Your IP Network

 Computer storage holds the lifeblood of today’s economy. From movies, music, books, and classroom materials to corporate, personal, and financial data of all sorts, everything is being stored digitally.For this reason, the information and the knowledge derived from today’s Internet-reliant world … Continue reading

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Calculate your storage needs in seconds

Follow below two steps to configure your IP SAN with the correct product – Step 1- Calculate total number of drives using our Stonefly RAID Calculator  Step 2- Use number of drives (calculated in Step 1) in  Storage Calculator to configure your IP SAN with … Continue reading

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Enhanced Professional Services For Data Storage – We deliver

As data needs become more complex and onerous for in-house IT staff, DNF’s Professional Service Engineers  can assist in data services without disrupting business operations of an enterprise. We offer a full range of expert services from requirements gathering and … Continue reading

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RAID Calculation In Seconds

Determining available storage based on RAID level can be tricky, which is why we recommend Stonefly RAID Calculator Calculate your storage on RAID level in seconds and leave early for the weekend. You are welcome!

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Get Started With StoneFly Server Virtualization Platforms

It’s a known fact virtualization makes better use of computing  resources  than physical servers do, since many different servers can be run on a single physical host. Another major benefit is to switch running virtual servers from one physical host … Continue reading

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