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Is the future of data storage in Flash or Hard Drives?

As data volumes are increasing at an unprecedented rate in enterprise data center environments, capacity is turning crucial, when it comes to the selection of storage solutions. On the flip side, the need for storage solutions which keep up to … Continue reading

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Military demands a whole hierarchy of Storage Solutions!

High resolution data capture is creating data deluge in defense sectors located all over the world. As a result, the demand for rugged solutions ranging from SSDs to RAID systems is increasing on a healthy note. Therefore, data storage solution … Continue reading

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Advantages of using Unified Storage!

Many enterprise customers who are going for a storage purchase are in a dilemma whether to go for a network attached storage for their file based storage needs or a complicated block based storage system such as a RAID enriched … Continue reading

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What to consider in your next storage purchase!

Storage Infrastructure serves as heart to data enters, providing a functional foundation to every business. Thus, in order to make the infrastructure work efficiently consistent, an optimum design is needed. If this factor is neglected, then it can turn into a bane … Continue reading

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Here are some misconceptions about iSCSI Storage!

Internet Small Computer System Interface, widely known as iSCSI in the field of data storage is a type of technology which is designed to work in tandem with a TCP layer to create the ability to send SCSI commands over … Continue reading

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StoneFly Flash Voyager DX SAN Cluster Highlights!

Nowadays, the enthusiasm for all-flash storage appliances is increasing enormously in the storage industry. The reason for this obsession is said to be the way these appliances meet the factor of high availability, especially in banking and communication industry environments. … Continue reading

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How long does a data storage medium last?

Data is recorded and stored on different media in order to keep it in an accessible state for future needs. But did anyone ever try to know or find out the lifespan of the storage media on which they are … Continue reading

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Military Defense data storage system vendors to enter Petabyte era soon!

High-density data storage is nowadays becoming crucial for many military embedded systems. Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems in particular generate huge volumes of data that often must be recorded in real time for later analysis. Although, the platform on which … Continue reading

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Learn why iSCSI Storage is infiltrating enterprise data centers!

iSCSI Storage has long been regarded as a perfect fit for small and medium scale businesses, than enterprise data centers. This was due to the fact that many storage seekers were in an opinion that iSCSI performance still comes up … Continue reading

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When will the 10Gb Ethernet take off?

The entire storage industry is waiting for 10Gb Ethernet to break into mainstream. Getting into the facts, it was approved in way back in 2002, but still lacks support from the hardware makers. In 2012, Intel promised to offer a … Continue reading

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