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Shipping Datacenter Crates becoming a new trend in storage business!

Traditional data centers are those large facilities which are designed to create controlled, safe conditions for computing needs. Systems and Storage Devices in these facilities are kept at controlled temperatures and humidity levels that are ideal for the safe functioning … Continue reading

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Learn why iSCSI Storage is infiltrating enterprise data centers!

iSCSI Storage has long been regarded as a perfect fit for small and medium scale businesses, than enterprise data centers. This was due to the fact that many storage seekers were in an opinion that iSCSI performance still comes up … Continue reading

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Get trained in SAN and IP San Technologies from DNF Professional Services

Are you new to SAN and IP SAN technologies? Or are you using enterprise NAS for the first time? Dealing with staff transitions and turnover leaving you with a loss of experience and expertise? Whatever may be the situation, DNF … Continue reading

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Data Loss and Downtime costing $1.7 trillion loss to Enterprises a year!

All those connected to storage industry will be surprised to hear this news. According to a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by EMC, it is estimated that data loss and downtime are costing $1.7 trillion loss to enterprises … Continue reading

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DNF Defense offers secure data storage for Defense and Aerospace personnel

Battles related to bits and bytes are nowadays being increasingly fought in the field of Defense and Aerospace sectors. Competitive advantages are being gained by the abilities not only to tap into data storage of adversaries, but also to defend … Continue reading

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Please do not overcool your data center… want to know why?

Data Center Managers are in a myth that the secret to run their equipment efficiently is by ensuring the facility is as cool as possible and avoid overheating. Well, this myth is being blindly followed by most data center managers, … Continue reading

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How do you measure and report Service uptime?

Firstly, Uptime can be defined as the time a service/machine has been efficiently rendering service/reliable and stable, without any interruptions or break in service. Uptime of a service also depends on the availability of that service, because, only when the … Continue reading

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What is this FCoE buzzword that I keep hearing? Do I need it?

FCOE- Fiber Channel over Ethernet is a mapping of Fiber Channel frames over Ethernet networks. Several datacenters use Ethernet for TCP/IP networks, and FC for SANs. FCoE uses the fiber channel as a network protocol, running on Ethernet beside IP … Continue reading

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What SSDs Can Do For Your Storage

Solid State Disks (SSD) use non-volatile flash memory for data storage, providing several benefits over traditional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) technology: Improved Performance: The most noticeable benefit of SSD technology is improved I/O speed. SSDs boast random I/O rates up … Continue reading

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Speed up your Storage with Solid State Drives

Speed up your Storage with Solid State Drives Continue reading

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