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DNF Professional can help you in your Enterprise Storage installation and configuration

With the advent of big data, enterprises of all sizes are busy focusing more on generating revenue from their data blocks. Therefore, the onus on the enterprise IT teams increases, as the said trend will demand an enlarged storage installation … Continue reading

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DNF Defense offers secure data storage for Defense and Aerospace personnel

Battles related to bits and bytes are nowadays being increasingly fought in the field of Defense and Aerospace sectors. Competitive advantages are being gained by the abilities not only to tap into data storage of adversaries, but also to defend … Continue reading

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Data Storage holds a crucial position in Video Surveillance

Data Storage is nowadays holding a crucial position in the field of video surveillance. That’s according to Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of DNF Security – a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory. Mo says that organizations which invest heavily on … Continue reading

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What is Big Data outside IT Department?

Big Data is now a buzz word in the world of data storage, as it is being used to describe the exponential growth, availability and use of information in enterprises. The volume, variety and velocity at which structured and unstructured … Continue reading

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