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Do you need SSD?

George Crump @ Storage Switzerland has a great post on evaluatiing whether or not SSDs make sense for your IT environment. The steps to figuring out if you are a good candidate? Gather statistics about your environment: storage I/O, application … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Setting up iSCSI initiators via Linux Command Line

Here’s a quick tutorial (about 6 minutes) on how to set up StoneFly IP SANs with Linux iSCSI initiators.  This demo covers the command line set up.  Stay tuned for GUI set up. Link to the video:   Setting up iSCSI … Continue reading

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I’d like ??TBs of storage please..

Would you like RAID 5 with that? Planning storage configurations is hard, there are a lot of choices:  RAID levels, drive types…each with a different impact on storage capacity, performance and bandwidth. We designed a Storage Capacity Calculator that allows you to enter your desired hardware … Continue reading

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iSCSI Performance Myths Explained

Saw this on twitter today:  iSCSi is a dog cloudcomp_group iSCSI is a dog only when you’re not doing some sort of hardware offload or when you need high throughput. There are many many applications that do just fine with … Continue reading

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Discerning the six myths about movable storage

Is the data on your laptop or movable media secure? If you answered “Yes!”, you may be buying into one or more of these myths:   1) Tapes are obsolete. 2) Protecting tapes and laptops is a job for technical people. 3) Losing … Continue reading

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Is using server virtualization easy?

Techtarget looks at a few of the challenges of “virtual datacenters”. Firtst up:  here’s why midsized companies are using virtualization 49% to improve business continuity and disaster recovery 46% to improve server managibility and flexibility 38% to cut hardware costs … Continue reading

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Setting up Ubuntu, the easy way

Thanks @FreeITTraining How to install Linux, easily.  From Train Signal Training. There are a few things that I am going to address in this article: I’ll talk about how to use the Live CD so that you can try out … Continue reading

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Our CEO will be speaking at TechSec on 02/24

Are you looking for the “straight dope on storage”? Join us for a panel discussion at Techsec Solutions in Dallas. Our CEO Mo Tahmasebi will be participating and giving integrators and end-users more information about our IP technologies.  Here is the discussion topic: “The Straight Dope on Storage”: Most … Continue reading

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It’s 1234567890 in Unix Time, Now

OK it’s 1234567890  @ Unix time in 1 minute at 3:31:30 PST.  So celebrate. From 1234567890 Day What is this all about anyway? It’s time to party like it’s 1234567890 – ’cause it is! On this Friday, Feb 13 at … Continue reading

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Using virtual servers for your disaster recovery strategy

Techtarget identified some key considerations for disaster recovery in a virtualized environment. Because of its ease of deployment and integration, server virtualization can be a highly effective tool for disaster recovery. Server virtualization addresses three concerns related to disaster recovery: Cost: … Continue reading

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