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What is an RSS Feed?

The dictionary’s definition…   Main Entry: RSS Part of Speech: n Definition: any of various XML file formats suitable for disseminating real-time information via subscription on the Internet Example: RSS has become a popular technology for bloggers and podcasters to … Continue reading

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No faces on Facebook?

You’ve read about the Ma.gnolia failure and this month’s Journalspace incident. Here is yet another tale of storage failure and the subsequent downtime for users. This time it was Facebook that faced simultaneous drive failures, affecting 10 to 15 percent of uploaded photos. … Continue reading

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Make any IP Camera Wireless

Looking to make your IP camera(s) wireless? Check out this guide from Security Info Watch. **If link above does not work, try the alternate link (no pics)**:  Was the link helpful? Do you plan to go wireless for your next project? … Continue reading

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3 data recovery tales

Found this interesting article from Network World about three unusual data recovery cases. Lessons: 1) Backup, Backup, Backup! 2) Encryption is necessary. 3) Some data is better than no data. Any unusual backup/recovery stories you’ve dealt with? Drop a line.

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How to choose an iSCSI device during EBS installation

Having trouble accessing an iSCSI drive during EBS (Essential Business Server) setup? Check out this step-by-step guide courtesy of Technet.

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Chicago and integrated municipal systems

How are cities using surveillance technologies to improve public safety and public image? Lagos, Nigeria has installed 10,000 cameras and a centralized network for public safety and emergency response. Now Chicago is in the middle of perfecting their recently deployed … Continue reading

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SSD for IP Surveillance? Stay Tuned.

SSD (solid state disks) are all the rage in storage:  from netbooks to laptops to arrays to IP storage. On paper, these disks look like the best way to solve all of the storage problems:  power consumption, disk performance and … Continue reading

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No backup plan, no data. Big problem.

Last month’s backup lesson came from Ma.gnolia, who lost all of their customer account data. This month, learned a valuable lesson about backups. JournalSpace’s IT guy had scripts to protect the PHP scripts on the front-end servers but relied … Continue reading

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