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An overview of SAS Drives

When you go for a Server or a Storage hard disk array, the first question that hits the mind is what type of hard disk must be included on the platform. In this article we will focus on Serial Attached … Continue reading

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SSD vs. Memory Cards

Flash memory is becoming a primary technology used in storage devices and so has become immensely popular. For all those who are in an opinion that all flash memory storage forms are one and only same, here is an analysis … Continue reading

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SSD Vs Hard Drives

Solid-state drives (SSDs) puts hard disk drives (HDD) out of the competition picture when performance is much more critical than the price. In reality, there is no much difference between a 2.5 inches hard drive and a SSD as they … Continue reading

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What is Data Deduplication?

As data storage needs are growing in enterprises, the need to retain it for legal and business reason is also increasing concurrently. This move is making IT professionals to determine if their current data storage and backup strategies can efficiently … Continue reading

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StoneFly 365Vault Disaster Recovery Center – Full featured, easy to use backup solution

Whenever disasters, accidents and natural calamities interrupt the work functions of a business then one thing happens for sure, and that is enterprises lose money, in more than one way. Businesses lose money and they gain money all the time, … Continue reading

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