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Pros and Cons of Edge based video Recording

Edged based video recording is now the latest craze in IP Video Surveillance field, as it eliminates the troubles associated with network bottlenecks involved in centralized video recording systems. This article will shed some light on how the system of … Continue reading

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Advantages of using a Storage Area Network

Storage Area Network (SAN) happens to be a cool solution for many enterprise IT storage needs, as it helps in consolidating all the business data into one single storage appliance. A SAN solution is a collection of storage disk drives … Continue reading

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What is Software Defined Storage?

Software Defined Storage (SDS) has become storage industry’s popular technological trend of recent times. Although, many are familiar with this technology, they are still some people who are confused with this term. In reality, there is no single industry-wide consensus … Continue reading

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Performance issues with 5600rpm vs 7200rpm hard drives

High performance oriented computer systems are the need of the hour and this demand seems to be justified, as hundreds of dollars are being invested on each system. Hard disk speed also plays a vital role in influencing a computer … Continue reading

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How an IP Camera Works?

IP Camera, also known as Network camera sends and receives data over internet and thus facilitates monitoring of a specific area from any part of the world. Since, most of the IP cameras are meant for security purpose, they are … Continue reading

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What is Big Data outside IT Department?

Big Data is now a buzz word in the world of data storage, as it is being used to describe the exponential growth, availability and use of information in enterprises. The volume, variety and velocity at which structured and unstructured … Continue reading

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A simple description of Video Compression

Video files are usually huge and so without video compression technology, it would have been almost unfeasible to send those large video files through internet even at today’s broadband speeds. There are several video compression techniques which allow you to … Continue reading

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