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Security of Virtual Servers is not being addressed up to the mark!

Virtual Servers usage in enterprise environments is increasing worldwide and securing virtual environments is now at the top of mind for majority of IT departments. But when it comes to security option which is being addressed by IT departments, the … Continue reading

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Why Redundancy and Backup are not the same?

Many people are in an opinion that, since, they own a redundant storage solution such as a NAS or an IP SAN; they can ignore the presence of backup in their data storage environment. A number of them even think … Continue reading

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Difference between a License Plate Recognition LPR and Automatic Number Plate Recognition ANPR

License Plate Recognition (LPR) and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)- Is there a difference between these two? If this question is troubling you, then here’s the answer to it. In reality, there is no big difference between a License Plate … Continue reading

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Data Storage adoption with Snapshot feature is increasing

Backups can play an instrumental role in case of disaster recovery and also have the potential to make a company immune to data loss. The process of backing up information can be lengthy and this is where the use of … Continue reading

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Western Digital makes its 6TB hard drives more affordable

Western Digital (WD) has made the shipping of its two new high capacity 6TB hard drives more affordable. Early this week, the company made it official that its WD Red Hard Drives will be available for a price of $299 … Continue reading

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Pacifica Police Department uses DNF Security NAS for its video storage challenges

Pacifica Police Department is using DNF Security NAS in order to counter the challenges of video storage and recording. Therefore at a cost-effective price point, the Pacifica Police department has gained a centralized digital video data storage system in the … Continue reading

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Demand for Unified Data Protection products is increasing!

Unified Data Protection products demand is increasing day by day and this was revealed in the latest survey conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC). For years, data protection products like deduplication appliances, disaster recovery systems, and backup appliances were available … Continue reading

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DNF Security Unleashes Versatile Online IP Camera Storage Calculator

DNF Security has released an intuitive IP video surveillance storage calculator which can easily be accessed online from any desktop or smart phone web browser. A mobile application version of the IP camera storage calculator is currently in development and … Continue reading

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These are the Benefits of Video Surveillance

The level of security threats is increasing day by day and so almost every business is looking to add some extra security cover to its present corridor. Here, one option would be to hire security guards in order to patrol … Continue reading

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Use StoneFly™ SCVM to create a virtual storage appliance

StoneFly™ Storage Concentrator Virtual Machine software allows its users to create a networked IP Storage along with a server virtual machine, all on the same hardware platform. So, the need to buy a separate box for your storage gets eliminated … Continue reading

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