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SMB makes these data storage choices

Data Storage has become the most vital component of an every midsize business’s IT infrastructure. Over the past few years, organizations are increasingly relying on their storage solutions, in order to organize the growth of unstructured and structured data generated … Continue reading

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Port of West Sacramento uses DNF Security Video Storage

Port of West Sacramento, located 79 nautical miles North of San Francisco is using DNF Security Video Storage solutions from the past few years. In order to counter challenges propelled by decentralized surveillance systems and outdated cameras, DNF security Video … Continue reading

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HGST Ultrastar 6TB Helium Hard Drives get a certification from iSCSI storage pioneer StoneFly

StoneFly, Inc., a pioneer in offering iSCSI storage solutions has finished the certification on HGST UltraStar 6TB hard drives filled with Helium. StoneFly, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, certified HGST Ultrastar 6TB He Hard drives after using … Continue reading

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EMC acquires cloud startup TwinStrata

EMC will soon acquire TwinStrata and its Cloud storage gateway technology ‘CloudArray’. EMC Plans to integrate TwinStrata’s CloudArray into its embedded data service VMAX3. TwinStrata which is a US based startup, founded in 2007 tried its best to make its … Continue reading

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Object Storage Vs Software defined Storage Vs Data defined Storage

Nowadays, organizations are dealing with data growth up to and beyond the petabyte levels. Thus, this massive growth in data makes management levels too complex, such as the overheads associated with storage acquisition and operation, as well as data protection, … Continue reading

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NAS Storage Appliance usage for Video Surveillance Applications

A Network Attached Storage or NAS appliance can be treated as an ideal video surveillance storage platform only when it completely satisfies performance needs and is isolated from frame loss issues. If a user intends to use this video storage … Continue reading

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StoneFly unifies and repurposes legacy data storage equipment with high availability IP SAN Gateway Appliance

StoneFly a pioneer in providing iSCSI storage has began shipping its remarkably Unified Storage Concentrator (USC) and Unified Storage Concentrator Highly Available cluster line of IP SAN Gateway appliances. Thus, with these appliances businesses can easily convert their existing Fibre … Continue reading

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Hardware specifications required in a server for server virtualization

For those who are in a dilemma of replacing all the servers in your enterprise environment or thinking to stagger the hardware refresh, here’s an article which will help you in widening your thoughts. Basically, all you need are three … Continue reading

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