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Seagate to commercially release 8TB and 10TB hard drives by this year end!

Seagate, a California based hard drive maker is all set to release its 8TB and 10TB hard drives on a commercial note by this year end. In last week of July this year, the company decided to release its 8TB … Continue reading

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DNF Defense offers ruggedized data storage for Military and Aerospace

Engineers designing Military and Aerospace systems such as Radar & Sonar systems, Servers, data recorders, tactical computers, moving maps, fire-control systems, Airborne Reconnaissance Systems and others face a major concern i.e. to have a reliable and highly performing data storage … Continue reading

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What to look for in a Server?

Shopping for a business server is always critical because if it is not done properly, it has the potential to reduce productivity and can even bring irrecoverable loss to a business. Therefore, below is the information and help for what … Continue reading

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Now get ready to store 1TB of data on liquid hard drives

Data Storage Medium is soon going to shift towards liquid state, if in case, the research carried out by experts of material sciences gets a breakthrough. The researchers conducted a research on microscopic particles suspended in liquid and tried to … Continue reading

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Scale-out NAS Storage becoming main stream for the following reasons

Scale-Out NAS storage is becoming mainstream and this was revealed in a survey conducted by ESG for reasons that make good sense. Traditionally, Scale-up NAS is limited in terms of number of nodes that can be linked together. That often … Continue reading

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Go for an integrated system recovery to original manufactures system image with DNF Lifeline

Dynamic Network Factory proudly presents its Lifeline Flashback software tool which allows the user’s of any system to make system recovery to original manufacturer’s system image in an integrated way. The highlight is that the user of this software tool … Continue reading

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How StoneFly Deduplication works?

StoneFly, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory offers a range of simple and affordable iSCSI Storage appliances for departments, mid-tier workgroups and enterprise organizations. And all its storage appliances are enriched with intelligent features such as snapshot, mirroring, encryption, deduplication … Continue reading

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Use StoneFly Voyager WX series Cluster appliance for your highly available application needs

Banks and Financial organizations which deal with intensive applications will be in need of storage appliances which are redundant, scalable and highly-available. StoneFly’s Voyager’s Scalable architecture brings all these features packed into one appliance which is flexible enough to start … Continue reading

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What if the flight black boxes start sharing their data with the cloud?

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing from its route on March 8th, 2014 and all of the 300 passengers who were on board are now claimed to be dead. Even after a rigorous search for the plane and the on-board … Continue reading

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Please do not overcool your data center… want to know why?

Data Center Managers are in a myth that the secret to run their equipment efficiently is by ensuring the facility is as cool as possible and avoid overheating. Well, this myth is being blindly followed by most data center managers, … Continue reading

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