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How long does a data storage medium last?

Data is recorded and stored on different media in order to keep it in an accessible state for future needs. But did anyone ever try to know or find out the lifespan of the storage media on which they are … Continue reading

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StoneFly Unified Scale Out SAN and Scale out NAS storage appliance benefits!

A Unified Storage system consolidates file-based and block-based access into a single storage platform and supports Fibre Channel SAN, iSCSI SAN (IP SAN) and NAS networks. It is tucked with the capability to handle file-based and block-based IO of enterprise … Continue reading

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A look into Data Deduplication feature and its advantages!

IT Professionals related to data storage field might have come across the term “Data De-Duplication” by now. But still there exist a small proportion of them who are connected to the field somehow, but are not familiar with the term … Continue reading

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Military Defense data storage system vendors to enter Petabyte era soon!

High-density data storage is nowadays becoming crucial for many military embedded systems. Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems in particular generate huge volumes of data that often must be recorded in real time for later analysis. Although, the platform on which … Continue reading

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Learn why iSCSI Storage is infiltrating enterprise data centers!

iSCSI Storage has long been regarded as a perfect fit for small and medium scale businesses, than enterprise data centers. This was due to the fact that many storage seekers were in an opinion that iSCSI performance still comes up … Continue reading

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Video Server expansion made easy with DNF Security Raven 806G

Are you looking to expand the current storage of your mission critical video surveillance environment? If that is what you are looking for, then DNF Security offers Raven 806G as a storage expansion system which will provide needed capacity to … Continue reading

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Get trained in SAN and IP San Technologies from DNF Professional Services

Are you new to SAN and IP SAN technologies? Or are you using enterprise NAS for the first time? Dealing with staff transitions and turnover leaving you with a loss of experience and expertise? Whatever may be the situation, DNF … Continue reading

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Video Surveillance devices prone to hacking due to ill password security practices

Video Surveillance device manufactures such as DNF Security, Hikvision, D-Link, Synology and such have issued a warning that video surveillance systems commonly installed in businesses and family households are highly vulnerable to hacking if users do not adopt greater precautions … Continue reading

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Ensure that your Disaster Recovery plan matches your business needs

Disasters are unpredictable and in most cases unavoidable and that’s obvious. Like in the same way you take preventive measures to protect your sweet home from both foreseeable and unexpected disasters in the future, its paramount to have 20/20 foresight … Continue reading

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Software Defined Storage definition according to The Storage Networking Industry Association SNIA

Software Defined Storage (SDS) definition is floating, as it is varies from vendor to vendor offering smart storage products. The most common definition of SDS is that it separates the storage software and services from the underlying hardware for increased … Continue reading

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