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When will the 10Gb Ethernet take off?

The entire storage industry is waiting for 10Gb Ethernet to break into mainstream. Getting into the facts, it was approved in way back in 2002, but still lacks support from the hardware makers. In 2012, Intel promised to offer a … Continue reading

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Solving healthcare storage needs with DNF Medical

Healthcare providers are producing enormous amounts of data these days and the whole credit goes to digitalization. The data produce related to medical field ranges from an ever-expanding collection of electronic health records to medical imaging data and as such. … Continue reading

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Difference between a normal hard drive and surveillance hard drive!

Many of you might have a feeling that they can use a normal desk top hard drive for their surveillance needs. They go with notion as they think that all hard drives are same and operate in a similar manner. … Continue reading

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Data Loss and Downtime costing $1.7 trillion loss to Enterprises a year!

All those connected to storage industry will be surprised to hear this news. According to a survey conducted by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by EMC, it is estimated that data loss and downtime are costing $1.7 trillion loss to enterprises … Continue reading

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Seagate launches exclusive HDD for NAS appliances!

Seagate Technology, a leader in delivering storage media solutions from time to time has announced a new Enterprise NAS HDD which is being offered as a high capacity drive targeting businesses seeking to optimize their computing needs driven with performance … Continue reading

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NAS storage termed as a perfect backup storage solution for SMBs

Data Backup is essential for any organization, irrespective of the size and the business vertical it belongs to. It is similar to an insurance policy, where one doesn’t need it until something goes wrong, and then you realize just how … Continue reading

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StoneFly’s StoneFusion makes its products software defined!

StoneFly, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is well-known as a pioneer in offering iSCSI Storage. At the same time, this data storage vendor is also a leading maker of high-performance network attached storage (NAS), storage area … Continue reading

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United States to upgrade in car video surveillance equipment in all its Sheriff Patrol vehicles

United States is all set to upgrade in-car video surveillance equipment in all of its sheriff patrol vehicles by March 2015. The rule is in consideration, but is said to get an A+ from whole of the Senate early this … Continue reading

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Data Storage trends for 2015!

Enterprise world is evolving and is constantly under pressure to provide the highest performance and the most cost effective IT services. As a result, information is playing an important role and has become a valuable asset for any organization. This … Continue reading

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