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What to consider in your next storage purchase!

Storage Infrastructure serves as heart to data enters, providing a functional foundation to every business. Thus, in order to make the infrastructure work efficiently consistent, an optimum design is needed. If this factor is neglected, then it can turn into a bane … Continue reading

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How to improve your Disaster Recovery Plan?

United States has been experiencing consistent disasters from time to time and the latest to join is Snowcalypses. As enterprises look back at these unprecedented cascades of hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, and power outages; their top priority will be to review … Continue reading

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Here are some misconceptions about iSCSI Storage!

Internet Small Computer System Interface, widely known as iSCSI in the field of data storage is a type of technology which is designed to work in tandem with a TCP layer to create the ability to send SCSI commands over … Continue reading

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StoneFly Flash Voyager DX SAN Cluster Highlights!

Nowadays, the enthusiasm for all-flash storage appliances is increasing enormously in the storage industry. The reason for this obsession is said to be the way these appliances meet the factor of high availability, especially in banking and communication industry environments. … Continue reading

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IP Storage cuts down hardware limitations in Video Surveillance!

IP Storage or storage on network, reduces the total amount of storage required, and leverages the latest storage technologies for cost-effective storage management. Furthermore, by centralizing the storage, protocols such as iSCSI and 100 GbE can be utilized in order … Continue reading

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Energy efficiency through Server Virtualization requires careful planning!

Data Center managers, who think server virtualization leads to energy savings, should think twice before going with this conclusion. The fact is virtualization offers more balance between energy efficiency and performance, only when coupled with carefully planning. Traditionally speaking, a … Continue reading

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Benefits of Storage Consolidation in Video surveillance environments

Video Servers used in conventional surveillance environments can turn into storage islands in reality. Moreover, these capacity storage systems can also lead to a way where cost-affective upgrade is almost impossible, unless an enterprise is ready to add another costly … Continue reading

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Buying Tips for Enterprise Backup solutions!

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are crucial for a business to perpetuate further and so, if organizations are leaning towards upgrading their backup technology significantly, for instance by moving from tape to disk, then it is better if they fore … Continue reading

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True benefits of IP Video Surveillance!

Over the past few years, the term physical security has undergone through enormous transformation. Typical proprietary video servers are being replaced by newer video servers that offer redundancy, open-standard compatibility, and high performance. As video images are getting digitalized, the … Continue reading

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Why you should recycle your E-waste!

Electronic Waste (E-Waste) is a term used to cover almost all types of electrical and electronic equipment that has or could enter the waste stream and this specifically includes all those goods, which are being powered by electricity or battery … Continue reading

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