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Technology evolution eases impact of changing storage requirements in Universities

Storage requirements in Universities and Higher Education institutions are changing as they are adopting virtualization, cloud and ITaaS platforms. This is due to the fact that the IT class in these environments is moving from application-centric computing to more efficient … Continue reading

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How long will hard drives last in reality?

Well, this is a big question to answer and has no specific answer in reality. Traditional hard drives used in desktop computers will often fail sooner than they are claimed to work by the manufacturer. In general, the average life … Continue reading

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Scale out NAS development and application!

Data explosion is taking place at an alarming data and the need to find suitable solutions to store data has become an increasingly complex endeavor for enterprise users. According to statistics gained from IDC study, non-structured file-type data is increasing … Continue reading

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DNF Corp offers IT Infrastructure to defense sector!

Data Storage is emerging as an increasingly important issue in the US military sector. As the defense field is getting close towards a networked force, U.S. Defense Department leaders are beginning to pay close attention to how and where to … Continue reading

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Improving storage efficiency in an enterprise IT environment with Unified Storage Server concept

Enterprises businesses are nowadays generating a lot of data in their premises. Irrespective of the field it belongs to, each enterprise is becoming highly dependent on the data it is generating, due to its business value. In fact, we can … Continue reading

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