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Know why backup and disaster recovery should be converged?

Backup and disaster recovery were treated as two separate entities till a couple of years ago. But now, all thanks to server virtualization, these two technologies are offered as converged solutions. Follow the article further to know on how is … Continue reading

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Having a backup copy in cloud will always ensure data continuity!

Backups are essential for disaster recovery and to keep the enterprise business continuity planning intact and in-place. So, having backup software or an appliance in your storage environment will always work in your favor, when a storage network goes down … Continue reading

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New IP Video Surveillance Systems offer litheness!

Video Surveillance is becoming a key component of security systems in long-term care facilities. In this security systems segment, surveillance cameras are placed in Parking lots, as defense against theft and vandalism of vehicles Public areas such as TV rooms, … Continue reading

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DNF Security offers NVR with cloud storage integration!

DNF Security, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory is offering video surveillance viewing and storage platform with cloud storage integration facility. This combo NVR series of video storage and video viewing platforms are the foundation of reliable, easy-to-deploy IP … Continue reading

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Virtual Servers double the cost of security breach says survey?

Kaspersky lab has released a new report which says that a security incident involving virtual server in either public or private cloud will double the recovery cost compared to that of a traditional environment. In another survey conducted by B2B … Continue reading

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Contra Costa Water District uses StoneFly Storage Concentrator to improve its storage and disaster recovery needs!

Contra Costa Water District (CCWD) touted as one the largest urban water districts in California, is using StoneFly Storage Concentrator to improve its storage and disaster recovery needs. This is a part of CCWD’s dependence on leading-edge technology to improve … Continue reading

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How do San Gateways differ from Storage Servers?

San Gateways are typically appliances which are designed to utilize your existing network storage resources to create a universally secure repository for your critical data. These San Gateways are ideal for companies that want to leverage existing storage resources, but … Continue reading

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Dynamic Network Factory emphasizes on importance of data security!

Data Security of a company and its customers is vital for the success of any business. Especially in this technology driven world, identification of data thefts becomes highly essential, irrespective of the size of the business. But unfortunately most small … Continue reading

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High definition cameras usage increasing in Casinos!

Video surveillance in casinos offers a lot of challenges for security surveillance systems providers. This is due to the fact that these environments have diverse operational requirements and equally diverse operating conditions which pose as challenges to security cameras. Technically speaking, gaming … Continue reading

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How to minimize unplanned data center outages?

Unplanned data center outages can cost $9,750 per minute to the server facilities and this was revealed in the latest survey conducted by Ponemon Institute. Thus, it can be confirmed that downtime is getting more expensive as data centers are … Continue reading

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