Virtualization and Cloud Computing – Who’s winning the battle?

It all started in the data centers and then quickly spread to consumer-based services as a means to easily store your data. From running business-critical applications to safeguarding your complete collection of Beatles songs, we see  the “cloud” coming over the horizon, revolutionizing the way we house our information. But with all this talk about the cloud, don’t forget that virtualization is still a widely adopted solution in the data center arena and has been over the past few years.

According to the 2011 Virtualization and Evolution to the Cloud Survey, 75% of large enterprises that participated in the survey are considering both server virtualization and hybrid cloud computing platforms. Interestingly enough due to virtualization’s maturity in the IT space, enterprises that have implemented virtualization have been vastly satisfied with their infrastructure – only a 4% gap between the expectations and achievements.

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One Response to Virtualization and Cloud Computing – Who’s winning the battle?

  1. checkcy says:

    Cloud Computing is basically a business to an IT firm, while virtualization is client friendly service, which saves some finances for the IT company by making it utilize its infrastructural resources to the fullest.

    Both help a firm to gain finances in one or the other way & so they are both equivalently important