Looking for the Facts on IP Surveillance…

Next month our CEO, Mo Tahmasebi will be participating in a panel discussion at Techsec Solutions in Dallas. This show focuses on the technical side of IP surveillance offering integrators and end-users the opportunity to learn more about these digital technologies.   Check out the session:

201 track – “The Straight Dope on Storage”: Most IP video applications today demand secure, long-term archiving as well as quick, convenient access to stored video images. This presentation will offer insight into the complex world of camera management and storage, providing installers, system integrators, IT professionals, end users and solution providers with guidance on determining the strategies and systems that best meet their application needs.
Lee Caswell , Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot3
Dick O’Leary, Global Director, Physical Security Solutions, EMC
Alan Rowe, Chief Technical Officer, Intransa Inc.
Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO, DNF Inc.

Not going to Dallas, but still looking to learn more about IP solutions?  Check out this archived webinar on IP Surveillance solutions.

The conference takes place from 2/23-2/25 and we’ll be speaking on 2/24.  Drop us a line if you’ll be there, and we can meet up.

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