Two Myths about RAID – Busted

As everybody knows that when it comes to RAID, there are certain configuration myths that everybody seems to know:

1. RAID 10 is a requirement for databases. This is no longer the case. Today’s RAID controllers are much more dynamic that it once was as a combination of 400GHz and higher ASICS and IO processors as well as better algorithms have lessened the advantages of RAID 10.

2. RAID 1 configuration is perfect for holding the operating system. Actually this is false – small partition of the OS or applications from a RAID 5/6 is more than adequate. However, with the movement towards centralized storage, shared by high server counts, there is a justification to hold the operating system in the server and protect it with a mirror only because it is not practical to build multi-spindle performance effective RAID5/6 sets in 1U servers or blades.

Learn more about RAID and how to optimize RAID configuration on this white paper.

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