Defining VSaaS for Surveillance

In our last blog we explored Cloud Computing layer Infrastructure-as-a-Service (or IaaS) and the advantages of utilizing it to your IT infrastructure. Now it’s surveillance’s time.

Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service or VSaaS – like IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS – is a cloud computing element, but designed for the video surveillance environment. The way it work is that video resources from on-site cameras are streamed to systems at the provider’s site. VSaaS is quite cost effective, saving on maintenance costs, and interestingly enough, has no need to integrate a VMS to view your video resources.

Essentially there VSaaS can be divided by the following:

  • Hosted Video: Video streamed off-site over the WAN to a hosting provider’s data center.
  • Managed Video: Video resources are streamed to the end-user’s site and managed by the hosting provider remotely.
  • or a combination of both!

To learn more about VSaaS, check out this interesting article on CSO Online.

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