IP Surveillance: A Bandwidth-eater?

Let’s face it, implementing an IP surveillance environment fills up a lot of your IT resources. From the sophisticated megapixel cameras to the VMS, it’s clear that IP requires not only regular maintenance, but also bandwidth. But there has always seems to be this misconception that IP surveillance is just a big bandwidth-eater. But that’s not the case. With video compression standards like H.264 video streams from those high-resolution cameras can be condensed into smaller files, which minimizes local bandwidth disruption.

However if there has to be a concern over excessive bandwidth consumption, then it would probably be downloading video streams across the WAN. That’s because:

  1. Multiple locations are being utilized.
  2. It may compromise video quality if you need to transmit the resources to another location.
  3. There is a need to define which video areas need to be focused on…which means, more system planning and maintenance.

Want to know more about how your surveillance system really effects your bandwidth? Check out this article on IP Security Watch.

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