Enhanced Professional Services For Data Storage – We deliver

As data needs become more complex and onerous for in-house IT staff, DNF’s Professional Service Engineers  can assist in data services without disrupting business operations of an enterprise.

We offer a full range of expert services from requirements gathering and evaluating the existing environment assessments to technology selection, deployment and monitoring.

The DNF Professional Services engineer determine the best tailored services to fit your needs and ultimately a successful storage implementation. The services fall in below categories: 

  1. Training  – We work with your team to train them  about nuts and bolts of storage technology.
  2. Remote Management ­ – Our Professional  services include fully managed services for monitoring and managing  your storage and backup environments.
  3. Disaster Recovery Planning –Our team can help you recover data from literally any type of media from external disk drives, storage arrays, networked storage and internal disks.
  4. Data Replication - We offer a unique, guaranteed, and simple plan to deploy data replication to our data center assuring you data availability at all times.
  5. Data Security & Protection - Based on your business process, our experts will provide appropriate security recommendations that will be perfectly aligned with your business needs and industry security best practice.
  6.  Data Migration - Highly qualified consulting engineers will guide your organization through the migration process with the least amount of disruption to your end-users and your overall business environment.
  7.  Performance & Reliability Testing - Our team of experts will help you get the best possible performance from your existing servers and storage by making suggestions on ways to tune the system for best performance.
  8. VMware Consulting & Installation DNF is a VMware Alliance Partner and has certified VMware engineers on our team to help you with VMware Server and ESX Server design, implementation and configuration.
  9. Storage & Server Consolidation - Our professional team will help you sort through and understand the hottest topics in IT, including storage and server consolidation.
  10. Requirement Review & Assessment Our experts will work with you to evaluate your existing environment and come up with an effective strategy and solution that will meet your business requirements, budgets and redundancy needs.
  11. Installation & Configuration - We will work with you to allocate space strategically and forecast future needs for initial setup and configuration of your storage.

 So what are you waiting for? Call DNF Professional Services and never worry about your data needs again!

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