Secrets to Affordably Protecting Critical Data

Whenever IT managers assess the value of their company‚Äôs data, they should ask two basic questions:¬
    1.  What is the immediate impact if we lose access to the data?
    2.  How quickly must we regain that access?

The answers to these questions will determine the type of required data protection. Fundamentally, data that is essential to the business and represents the company’s lifeblood requires the highest level of protection, since losing essential data could financially cripple or kill the business.  Therefore, restoring access to this critical data needs to be immediate and as close to the point of loss as possible.

¬†The catch is that the cost to acquire this level of protection can be financially crippling as well. Fortunately, not all data requires the highest level of protection.¬† Companies that classify and segregate their data based on access patterns and value can lower the cost of data recovery by using a tiered data protection strategy. We recommed StoneFly white paper ‘The Secret to Affordability’¬†to assess your company’s data and create your tiered data protection strategy.

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