Surveillance System Considerations

Choosing an IP-based surveillance system is an important decision – there are several factors to consider. Since, network cameras transmit over your existing IP network, bandwidth is important. You’ll also need to think about storage based on archival time, image quality and  continuous vs recording triggered with motion. Other key consideration include network and system scalability. Putting thought into these areas before your system setup will ensure that you have the right equipment and proper game plan to fulfill your surveillance requirements.

There are a number of factors to consider when calculating the amount of hard disk space required for your specific storage need:

1. How many surveillance cameras are you operating ?

2. Will the cameras be recording continuously or only at certain hours of the day ?

3. Will your IP cameras be set too record only when motion is detected?

4. How long will the video footage be stored on the hard disk?

5. What level of image quality is the required (this will determine parameters such as frame rate and compression)


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