How do you measure and report Service uptime?

Firstly, Uptime can be defined as the time a service/machine has been efficiently rendering service/reliable and stable, without any interruptions or break in service.

Uptime of a service also depends on the availability of that service, because, only when the service is available, it can be used efficiently.

Uptime can be calculated as a difference between availability and downtime of a service.

Uptime = Availability- Downtime


“Availability” = A measure in time where a service is capable of being used.

“Downtime” = When the service is available but gives unreliable service or is not optimal/ has interruptions.

The uptime of a service can also be measured based on customer response and ratings.

StoneFly’s resources/casestudies  provides interesting information about service uptime.

Follow the link provided below:

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