Why Shared folder encryption makes sense, despite Full disk encryption.

Firstly, Shared folder encryption means when files and folders are shared over networks, they are protected using encryption rules and protocols, hence securing sensitive data being shared.

Full Disk encryption is when the entire hard drive is encrypted sector- by – sector, rather than just encryption certain files or folders. The contents of the physical hard disk are encrypted. In Full disk encryption, separate protection rules are not defined for specific files, reducing the risk of leaving temporary files, et al unprotected.

StoneFly supports Block level encryption:  This type of encryption is applied to all data files, so that no data files are accidentally skipped. This is one of the most preferred option for data encryption as there is less room for mistakes with this type.

When it comes to encryption of data, there are pros and cons, Full disk encryption is good in a case when your laptop is stolen, but when u consider sending sensitive information over a network, you would need to rely on a different protection scheme. Sometimes, different encryption products are needed to be used at the same time for full protection of data.

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