A new reason for your company to subsidize your iPhone

You can now manage your virtual servers with a great open-source mobile application: Virtualization Mobile Manager.  Techtarget covered it in detail, so follow the link below.

A few quick facts about VMM from the IT Knowledge Exchange Blog

  • VMM is a Web application that is optimized for mobile devices.
  • VMM runs on any mobile device, not just a smartphone or an iPhone. After receiving feedback, Kutz created a “lite” version that is supported by phones that don’t have fully functioning browsers, like BlackBerrys and Windows Mobile devices.
  • The cost for a licensed version: $50 for 25 virtual machines, $100 for 100 virtual machines, $200 for 300 VMs.
  • The latest beta feature is Accidental Touch Protection, which prevents you from accidentally shutting down a VM.
  • VMM will install on any OS.
  • The beta versions will expire on March 3, 2333, and allow you to manage an unlimited number of servers with an unlimited number of VMs.
  • The final version will include a snapshot manager.

The Application: Virtualization Manager Mobile

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