Special Offer: Unprecedented Performance at Incredible Price

DNF Storage, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is offering its Flexstor NAS + iSCSI appliance for an incredible price. This highly reliable unified storage packed with unprecedented performance, will be available for a cost of just $9,950. This 16TB system encapsulated with 175GB of high speed SSD storage will be available for the said price till January 31st, 2013.

DNF Flexstor Storage is a unified storage solution, designed to be used in enterprise environments, ranging from small businesses and departmental workgroups to large enterprises. Flexstor is apt to be used for file management needs across the local area network and this shared storage appliance can be deployed efficiently and effectively with the presence of Windows Storage Server 2012 Operating System.

With a 1GB and 10GB network connectivity, DNF Flexstor will be a perfect fit in environments, where high data transfer speeds for application needs, becomes a business criterion. For enterprises, where high performance is an issue, DNF Flexstor offers over 475,000 IOPS. Adding to it, DNF Flexstor is offered with thin provisioning technology and so it offers highest storage utilization, by eliminating the pre-allocated by unused capacity.

Active Directory, Windows PowerShell and Microsoft System Center Integration features, along with unified file and block serving solution are the other highlights of this storage. With the presence of cluster capability, complete failover is possible and so, this storage can be utilized in storing backup files, email archives, website images and templates and much more.

DNF Flexstor configuration is available as per the specification inputs offered by the customer.

So, what are waiting for, when a 16TB system with 175GB high speed SSD storage is coming just for $9,950?

Note- This offer is valid only till January 31st, 2013.

For more details, call 510.265.1122 or send in your email requests to sales@dnfstorage.com

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