StoneFly Unified Storage Appliance benefits

These days data has turned into an essential enterprise business aspect and so the need to secure it in a cost effective and reliable way has become a fundamental. Most of the enterprises are now showing a lot of interest in storing data in Unified Storage appliances, as they have turned into one of the prominent storage categories to be interfaced with the Servers.

A Unified Storage is where file based and block based data access is possible on a single platform. This storage platform offers to its users the flexibility to store file data and block data required for enterprise applications. Therefore instead of having two separate platforms like NAS for file based storage and Raid disk array for block based storage, a Nas + iSCSI storage can be the perfect fit.

Unified Storage not only reduces Capital Expenditure by reducing the hardware requirements, but will also facilitate simple management of the appliance through storage consolidation.

StoneFly Inc., is one such storage solution provider which offers Unified storage with additional features embedded in it. Advanced features such as thin provisioning, synchronous mirroring and Volume based encryption are the highlights of this solution.

Stonefly Unified Storage solutions are offered with Tiered storage feature, where SATA, SAS and SSD drive can be found in the same chassis. So, hot data can be stored on SSDs and cold data can be moved onto other media. High performance is guaranteed with jumbo frame rate, 6G SAS technology and up to 8 virtualization processing cores.

The merits of Stonefly Unified Storage appliance doesn’t end here, as this NAS + IP SAN storage solution is enriched with features such as redundancy due to the presence of HW RAID 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 powered by battery backup. The presence of RAID facilitates to achieve data security, fault tolerance, improved availability and integrity.

Enterprise data which grows simultaneously with the organizations needs a scalable storage. So, Unified Storage of Stonefly can be scaled up to higher capacities by simply adding expansion units on a vertical or horizontal way, depending upon the footprint allotted to the appliance.

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