DNF Security IP Video Storage Solutions – Powerful and Reliable!

Surveillance industry these days is witnessing a transition trend from analog to digital, and it is mainly taking place on two fronts- How the images are being captured and how they are being stored. From the past few years, the way Video Surveillance images are being stored has also changed. Gone are the days when CCTV surveillance camera images were stored on tapes; as now digital storage is being done on hard drives media. Adding to it, the cost of video surveillance storage is also reducing, due to the doubling up of hard drive capacity in every two years and the cost per unit shrinkage by almost half.

This unique demand for analog to digital transition is influencing the video surveillance storage business big time. It is a fact that higher resolution and higher definition leads to more detail and better video evidence. So, in order to support the digital images, the need for an appropriate technological video storage solution arises. It must have the capability of efficiently storing, searching, playback and managing the captured video clippings.

DNF Security, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is offering video storage solutions which are enriched with features such as redundancy, superior scalability, high availability and enhanced storage protection. Each storage appliance has been designed in such a way that it offers maximum performance as well as system utilization. Moreover, an open system based video image surveillance processing and management software is offered on this platform. This software offers the flexibility of storing images from unlimited amount of analog and digital cameras.

All leading cameras and digital video management software are compatible with DNF security video storage appliances. Moreover, this appliance doesn’t need any kind of additional expertise as well as equipment and so this platform can be deployed on the existing network.

It is a fact that with the increase in storage capacities and platter densities, failure rates have increased significantly. So, DNF Security offers storage appliances, which are loaded with hard disks with Hi-Definition certification testing procedure. Before deploying in IP camera storage systems, the hard disks are pressed through 120 hour of testing process, where units having data mismatch errors; temperature and power regulation issues can be traced and weeded out. As a result of this grueling procedure, lower rate of drive failure and reduction in downtime by hard disks is observed.

DNF Security offers Digital and Hybrid Video Management Systems, Video Management Engines, Mobile Surveillance Systems, Viewing Workstations and Scalable IP storage.

For more details visit http://www.dnfsecurity.com/products.asp/section/DNFSecurity~Solutions

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