A Review of DNF Professional Recycling Services

Due to fast growth in usage frequency and adoption of latest technology, millions of computers are being thrown out with an excuse of outdated technology or end of life cycle. Factually speaking, a PC is made up of toxic components like lead, beryllium, brominated flame retardants, cadmium and dioxins. The output devices such as an LCD monitor are made up with hazardous material like mercury. So, when such materials are dumped into oceans and into landfills, the toxins present in the PC components seep into the environment, causing potential hazards to all living beings on the planet earth.

For this reason, the environmentalists around the world are encouraging reuse of computers and other electronic devices. Many state-level legislations have been passed to increase recycling and also to curb mismanagement of e-waste. The emphasis is on responsible and secure dismantling of computer components, in such a way that they can be safely extracted and reused in the making of latest generation of PC hardware.

This is where our company DNF Professional Services offers a helping hand in offering a full service solution for technology disposal. DNF Professional Services, a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, Inc. offers Electronic Recycling service in a five step process.

  1. Pick up and Transportation- DNF offers free of charge pickup and transportation of disposed equipment anywhere in the continental United States using its own logistics and a vast network of recycling partners.
  1. Disassembling and Sorting- When a PC is offered for dismantling, DNF Professional services representatives carefully disassemble the parts and will sort our the e-waste depending up on the type of material with which, it is made up of and the impact of it on the environment. The disposal is done according to the rules and regulations directed by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  1. Audit and Assessment Report- As soon as the recyclable hardware equipment is recovered from the client, a detailed inventory and assessment is carried out and a detailed report of it will be generated and provided free of cost.
  1. Data Destruction and Wiping- DNF Professional services offers Department of Defence (DoD) standard of data destruction services to its customers. Customer can opt for any of the three methods for sanitizing the data for a nominal fee. Method I – Data is overwritten by 0’s and 1’s in order to erase data traces permanently. Method II – Holes are drilled into the platters of the hard drives to prevent further access to the platters. Method III – Platters are sanded by using an industrial sander, which ensures that ultra sensitive data is successfully erased.
  1. Offers credit on exchange- DNF’s recycling services come with a unique offer to encourage companies to recycle. DNF Professional Services offers high dollar DNF Credit to its customers for the recycled equipment. Customer can use this credit to re-invest in purchasing new hardware or software for his IT.

Contact DNF Professional Services for more information about the recycling service or to book a FREE PICKUP.

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