StoneFly™ Windows ESS IP SAN Virtual Software

Are you planning to convert your virtual machine into iSCSI SAN storage? If the answer is “Yes”, then StoneFly has got just the solution for you. StoneFly™ Windows Enterprise Storage Service (ESS) makes converting a virtual machine into a full featured iSCSI SAN Storage possible and also much more cost-effective than any other way of doing the same. It reduces your capital expenditure and operational expenditure by optimizing the server and storage utilization.

StoneFly™ Windows Enterprise Storage Service (ESS) helps in creating an iSCSI virtual SAN appliance on your server from existing resources. It helps in increasing productivity, simplifies the management and reduces needs for enterprise power and rack space.

For those who are looking to consolidate their enterprise servers and storage into a single appliance, StoneFly Windows ESS offers the best option for it. It is designed to work on all Windows environments and offers hybrid replication for disaster recovery and backup. So, this software offers granular level of Disaster recovery, capable to meet most stringent of RTO/RPO requirements. Thus, it totally eliminates the need for discrete backups, which may deter business operations.

With the presence of StoneFly™ innovative driven StoneFusion 6.x Operating System, the creation of logical volumes, storage virtualization services and dynamic volume management becomes simple.

Optional features such as advanced snapshot services and Optional VSS support are available on this software platform. To eliminate the risk of data loss, StoneFly™ allows synchronous mirroring or asynchronous mirroring of data. So, each time a data is written onto the disk, an exact duplication copy is also written to another disk, which acts as a failover disk preventing downtime.

For those who need to get optimized storage efficiency, the presence of thin provisioning feature in this software will be of great help. So, the need for pre-allocation of storage to applications gets eliminated, as storage space will be available on demand. Data retrieval and configuration can be done through remote access through Intuitive Web-Based User Interface.

StoneFly™ Windows ESS can be used in creating primary IP SAN storage and a Secondary SAN Storage. It can also be used in creating backend storage appliances for archiving, security, cloud and de-duplication.


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