Facial Recognition technology overview

Almost a decade ago, facial recognition software was used in innovatively conceptualized sci-fi movies. At that time, no one had a clue that this concept will help in strengthening the future of security surveillance field. Now, facial recognition is being used to heighten security to new levels.

By now, a thought on what is facial recognition and how does it work might have occurred in your mind. Facial recognition system is a computer application used to auto detect a person from a digital image or a video frame. Usually, the comparison is done from a database of images and through close analysis of facial features such as nose, cheekbones, lips and eyes. Depending on the angles, lines and features of the face, the technology builds its own virtual database of files containing all the details and compares the same when accessed.

Facial recognition software uses two methods of establishing identity and that is by geometric and photometric methods. In geometric method, the facial recognition system compares distinguishable characters. In the second method of Photometric, facial features are analytically converted into numeric values and then are compared to the templates stored within the database.

It is a fact that there are almost 80 nodal points on the face like distance between the eyes, nose, eyes, length of lips and so on. Each human has such distinct features on their face, which remain intact throughout their life. So, the system scans these points and keeps the data related to the geometrical structure of the face in its database as a facial template. From next time onwards, if the person comes in front of a surveillance camera, then the image is detected and compared with stored face templates. The moment a face matches the profile in the database an alert is issued.

Human errors are eliminated to a large degree through the technology of facial recognition, as it is almost difficult to duplicate the details to some other person’s details.

Non intrusive form of security is obtained by facial recognition technology and so its use in access control system is on a rise, as it offers enhanced security and minimizes operating costs. Although, this new age technology is still under development, it indeed has a bright future ahead.

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