StoneFly 365Vault Backup Software Highlights

Creating a backup for the data generated by a computer has become critical for most businesses today. Your IT infrastructure is not complete and robust, until you have the right backup software to ensure that users have exact duplicates of all the data that they generate from their machines. StoneFly, Inc., a Silicon Valley based storage manufacturer, offers 365Vault –a full featured, private and cloud enterprise backup software, offering data protection and seamless disaster recovery.

365Vault network backup software ensures that users can backup distributed data from various resources to an onsite and/or offsite location. It can also prove as useful server backup software and can be included on Exchange Server, SQL server and other server platforms.

One of the major highlights is that 365Vault offers incremental backups, where only the block level changes in the file are identified after full or incremental backup, instead of the entire file. This approach proves beneficial, when the files to be backed up are too many and so consumes less time and takes less disk space.

What’s more? Stonefly 365Vault is offered with ZLIB algorithm which acts as a powerful data compression tool and thus offers maximum utilization of the storage resources. Additionally, if in case the backup is disrupted for some reason, due to the “continue where you left feature” the backup will resume from where it was left out.

Coming to data protection, 365vault is enriched with Blowfish algorithm ensuring robust data protection with 448 military strength.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab the 365Vault virtual edition through our online portal or call 510.265.1616 for more information.

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