StoneFly 365Vault Disaster Recovery Center – Full featured, easy to use backup solution

Whenever disasters, accidents and natural calamities interrupt the work functions of a business then one thing happens for sure, and that is enterprises lose money, in more than one way. Businesses lose money and they gain money all the time, but what happens in the wake of a disaster can actually cripple the organization to an extent where it is no longer able to get back on its feet and it is forced out of business. 80% of the businesses that do not guard their valuable data with a robust and redundant backup system go out of business after facing a disaster that damages their IT infrastructure.

A well devised, properly designed and deployed DR solution can make a major difference for a business in recovering from a disaster rapidly and continuing its operations with minimal hindrance or inconvenience.

StoneFly, Inc., a Silicon Valley, Ca. based storage manufacturer offers 365VaultDisasterRecoveryCenterwhich can backup servers, desktops and notebooks with utmost ease and efficiency. What makes it a great solution compared to its competition is that

It’s Backup and Recovery Engine supports file and image backup to a single integrated backup, recovery and secondary application. This secondary application will offer remote recovery and instant virtualization, thus reducing downtime troubles to a great extent.  With the help of 365Vault Recovery Center, a failed server can be brought back online from anywhere and that too within few minutes from downtime.

Therefore, for those who are interested in solutions which can be scheduled in a flexible manner, would find Disaster Recovery Center from StoneFly 365Vault a perfect solution for their needs. It offers Continuous Data Protection (CDP) as users can retain files for a defined period and that too multiple versions. StoneFly 365Vault DR Center is offered with an intuitive interface where a web based management portal makes administration tasks simple and more efficient.

Going through the appliance features, StoneFly 365Vault DR Center is offered with a 24GB memory which will support additional guest operating systems in virtualized environments. There is a 300GB of 10K RPM drive in this appliance which offers optimization for VMware and guest operating systems. The appliance can be scaled up to 256TB of massive storage and so all those who are in a look out for Big Data related backup and disaster recovery solution 365Vault DR Center is the apt solution. With highly efficient hot swappable power supplies and RAID level of 0, 1, 5,6,10 and 50, the data will remain foolproof from all kinds of disasters.

For more details please visit StoneFly 365Vault Disaster Recover Center or call 510.265.1616

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