What is Big Data outside IT Department?

Big Data is now a buzz word in the world of data storage, as it is being used to describe the exponential growth, availability and use of information in enterprises. The volume, variety and velocity at which structured and unstructured data is coming into our organization constitute big data. When a business starts to find the support for innovation, differentiation growth and business value of the generated data, then we can term this search as a hunt for a big data solution.

A few years ago, storage of big data was the prime concern. But now with the decrease in storage costs, the issue of data storage is partially solved, but has giving rise to other issues. Creating relevance to the generated data and finding business value to that relevant data has now become a big challenge.

It is a fact that many factors constitute to the increase in data volume and the best example are posts to social media sites, sensors used to gather climate information, telephonic conversation recording, digital photos and videos storage and cell phone GPS signals.

As per Gartner’s study, velocity of data is the pace at which data is being produced and how fast the data is being processed to meet the demand.

So, what exactly we can do with big data?

Now, that you are clarified with what is big data all about? Let us go through the details on what we can accomplish with so called ‘big data’. Here the real issue doesn’t end with the acquisition of large amounts of data. It is how an organization will be able to harness relevant data and use it to make the best of it.

Technologies available today are not only offering their support to data collection, but are also providing features to understand and take advantage of it in an efficient and profitable way.

To tackle with big data organizations are seeking the services of Cloud Computing, which is termed as an innovative forms of technology that is replacing a bunch of in-house servers. Instead of keeping all the data on the server, if it is secured on a centralized location like a cloud, it will not only cut down the need for hardware, but will also bring in huge savings along with it.

It is a fact that big data is too massive to process on its own and this was experienced by search engines almost four years ago, when people started to search for data sets. But with the advent of new technology like Big Data Analytics and better processing capabilities, its outlook has changed entirely.

On a final note, we can come to a conclusion that big data is/will continue to get bigger. So, adding servers will not be the best answer as it will increase expenditure. The only way to deal with it is to find insights for new and emerging types of data and content

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