DNF Security launches affordable and lightning fast Falcon 80tiz NVR

DNF Security which has been launching innovative surveillance related storage solutions from time to time has come up with Falcon 80tiz NVR. This newly launched NVR platform will be a replacement to NVR Falcon 80tbz which is a popular hybrid video management solution in the company’s product catalog.

This affordable and lightning fast Falcon 80tiz NVR will be an ideal solution for organizations that have a mix-up of analog and IP camera solutions on premises.

Falcon 80tiz video storage is offered with advanced video management software, scalable performance and simultaneously incorporates storage capabilities ranging from 1TB to 24TB. The storage capability is offered with RAID 0,1, 5,6,10 technology and so data redundancy can be expected, depending on the raid levels which are selected.

What’s more? DNF Security Falcon 80tiz NVR + storage is available in space saving tower and 4U rackmount chassis and that too with the flexibility of having hot swappable drives and trays. So, if anything goes wrong with the hard drives, just that drive can be replaced without exposing the NVR to downtime.

For those, who are facing issues like inadequate bandwidth, DNF Security Falcon 80tiz offers a perfect solution. This Network Video Recorder with storage capability is loaded with a PCI Express 3.0 solution. This express switch is capable of delivering bandwidth ranging in between 500MB/sec to 1GB/sec and this is enough to ensure that network bandwidth gets eliminated.

DNF Security Falcon 80tiz attributes don’t end over here as it is ONVIF compliant and is compatible to work with all leading IP and analog cameras and Video Management Softwares. Moreover, the user is presented with the flexibility of choice to select either SAS/SATA hard drives which depends upon their application needs.

For more details, call (510) 265-1122 or visit DNF Security

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