StoneFly™ offers world’s first Scale Out 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+ FC Storage

StoneFly, Inc. which has been persistently updating its product line with most modern technology has come up with world’s first Scale Out 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+ FC storage solution based on its 10/40/80G Unified Storage concept. The company which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory has built 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+ FC storage on its popular and award winning StoneFly Unified iSCSI and NAS Platform.

For all those enterprises which are in the look out for a product which can consolidate and optimize their storage needs, StoneFly USO 16 seems to be the perfect choice. California based StoneFly is offering its USO 16 with a dual 16G FC interconnects and 1/10/40/80G iSCSI + NAS solution at reasonable price.

As the demand for high-end storage capable of delivering higher throughputs and bandwidth is increasing; storage vendors are beginning to tackle this issue. Going with the trend, StoneFly has come up with USO 16 which happens to be world’s first Scale Out 16/80G Unified NAS+iSCSI+ FC storage.

“Organizations are in a look out to optimize their operations and bring down their CAPEX and OPEX costs. Keeping this in mind, StoneFly USO 16 is being offered as a unified, modular and high performance storage system supporting Fibre Channel Infrastructure” , said John Harris, Senior Director Product Planning. He added that USO 16 can be termed as the world’s first appliance with unified scale out16G Fibre 10/40/80G iSCSI and NAS storage solution, which has the speed, power and proven efficiency. This 64-bit-multi-core platform will deliver utmost performance to companies at competitive price point.

Technically speaking, StoneFly 16 appliance is designed to deliver 2-8 times higher performance than what an 8GB FC solution delivers. It is offered with 24 cores storage processor and dual active-active RAID controller at each node. To serve high end server environments like SQL server, a dual option of second level snapshot is presented in this appliance. Furthermore, StoneFly’s “Lego” approach modularity eliminates the need of a forklift upgrade in future.

Furthermore, StoneFly 16 storage solution is delivered as per the IOPS needs of the organization. Depending upon the application need this appliance will be made available with SATA, SAS and SSD drives.

StoneFly™ is readily available through commercial resellers and distributors. For more details, please logon to

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