StoneFly™ StoneFusion integrates with Permabit Albireo Deduplication technology

StoneFly, Inc, the pioneer of iSCSI storage is proud to announce that its StoneFusion Network Storage Operating System architecture will support data deduplication by integrating with Permabit Albireo Data Deduplication Software in order to further enhance storage optimization in enterprise environments.

StoneFly™ has been delivering block level storage intelligence in its IP SAN solutions with the help of its award winning and patented StoneFusion software. Benefits like increase in storage utilization through resource consolidation, storage provisioning, centralized access control, volume management were being offered in iSCSI SAN solutions of StoneFly till date.

Additionally, advanced storage services like mirroring, replication, encryption, snapshots, thin provisioning and active/active clustering were also being offered in StoneFly™ SAN appliances, possible due to StoneFusion Operating system.

Now, by partnering with Permabit, StoneFly will be able to add data deduplication ability to its solution and that too without the decline in performance and differentiating capabilities.

“We are committed to work with technology partners in order to deliver the best solutions to meet our customers’ storage needs,” said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO & President of StoneFly, Inc. He added, by Implementing Permabit Albireo into our StoneFly solutions we will provide widest range of options through additional storage optimization feature that offer a cascading amounts of benefits through the IT infrastructure.

“Deduplication is greatly sought after feature by companies which are in a look out for dependable and cost-effective management for their business critical data,” said Tom Cook, CEO, Permabit.  He added, StoneFly StoneFusion Network Storage Platform will be a perfect example of how original equipment manufacturers gain competitive advantage and leverage of Albireo’s data optimization technology in their existing as well as upcoming product line.

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