StoneFly offers remote backup to cloud business center

Data Replication and Snapshotting features can deliver maximum benefits only when the data is stored in more than one location. So, here’s where the need for a remote host to store the data in multiple locations arises in the storage environment. Citing this issue as a future trend, StoneFly IP SANs are enriched with advanced business continuity features, where an enterprise grade cloud backup and disaster recovery solution is available in order to protect both your physical and virtual environments.

To go with, most of the storage vendors available in the market are coming up with redundant solutions these days. These on-premises solutions are backed up with RAID technology which not only protects the data from any kind of hardware or software failure, but makes the recovery of it as quick as possible.

But if suppose, think that a situation arises, where your office facility is hit by a catastrophe like a flood, earthquake or a fire accident. Then what will happen to the data stored in your on-premise appliance? It gets damaged along with other infrastructure and as a result your whole business activity falls into jeopardy.

Now, imagine if your IP SAN was backed up to a cloud storage provider, then what would have been the consequence? For sure, it would have been in your favor, as all your data would have been saved onto the cloud. Therefore, when a copy of your business critical data is already in the cloud, recovering it will be easy so business continuity is 100% possible with zero or very less downtime.

This is where StoneFly appliances can be marked with an A+ signature. StoneFly Cloud Business Center hosting empowers organizations to fully utilize StoneFly Backup and disaster recovery features, enabling organizations large and small to implement offsite backup inexpensively.

This cloud based business center is only applicable and valid for those who have a StoneFly appliance in their storage environment. All you need to do it is to load it with StoneFly 365Vault software and interface its activity with a cloud storage provider of your choice. With the help of StoneFly Remote Backup 365Vault, users can backup a physical server or a virtual machine to a virtual backup machine. They can use a block, file or a full disk based image backup.

What’s more amazing about this feature is that it has a multiple cloud backup options, where data can be backed up to a private, public and a hybrid cloud.

Private – As the appliance is already on-premises it can act as a private cloud target.

PublicStoneFly IP SAN can be integrated with Amazon Web Services which is a public cloud provider.

Hybrid cloud – The data can be replicated to a StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

So, in this way, your data can stay protected in three ways. One on the appliance, the second one through the public cloud and the third is by StoneFly Cloud Business Center. Therefore, by doing so, your data integrity remains intact even in the advent of a catastrophe and thus makes your business continuity plan foolproof.

And please do not worry about the security at the time of data transfers. All the data migrations will take place with military grade encryption at the source, while in flight and at rest. Standards such as 256-bit AES military grade encryption standards will be maintained. Moreover, StoneFly 365Vault is complaint with industry recognized certifications and audits such as PCI DSS level 1, ISO 27001, FISMA Moderate, HIPAA and SAS 70 Type II.

If in case, you are bothered about your network center bandwidth while replicating your data to StoneFly Cloud Business Center, then you can ship in all the data in removable disk drives. Just upload the data onto a hard drive/s and then ship it to StoneFly Cloud Data Center. The data transfer from the hard drive to the cloud business center will be made by industry experts and the hard disk drives will be returned to you at nominal shipping costs. After the data replication takes place to the cloud business center, you can just allow the 365vault software loaded on your on-premise appliance to take a look at what data is on the cloud business center, after which only block level changes will be updated.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly Cloud Business Center.

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