Amazon adds SSD power to its Elastic Block Store

Amazon Web Services has made an official announcement yesterday that its Elastic Block Store (EBS) is now powered with Solid-State drives. Therefore, EBS will be the first leading IaaS cloud vendor powered with SSDs to make it ideal to be used for high performance environments.

AWS also announced simultaneously that the price for its EBS services has been reduced by 35%. This price slash is notably the 43Rd one taken up by AWS since 2006.

AWS new SSD backed EBS volumes come with 99.999% availability guarantee and are meant to be used for any range of block storage use cases like consistently hosting databases. Whereas, the general purpose EBS is good for small and midsized databases as they burst in IOPS based on the data stored in them. The new General Purpose SSD volumes will provide 3 times more IOPS than the present and can scale up to 3000 IOPS for every gigabyte of storage if needed.

The latest update to IOPS capacity will make the new general purpose and provisioned IOPS storage not only good for hosting databases, but also increases boot time of compute instances. Thus, with the addition of SSD power, AWS estimates that its new EMS instances could be 50% faster for customers.

The General Purpose EBS SSD volumes cost $0.10 per GB/month, while the provisioned IOPS volumes will cost 0.125 per GB/month. Amazon Web Services also has its previous generation of EBS running called Magnetic Volumes that costs $0.05 per GB/month.

It has become a regular practice for IP Storage providers to roll out SSD based services. Rackspace, Joyent and CenturyLink are into this field already and now the latest to join will be AWS. The only difference is that AWS is making its EBS powered by SSDs as a default, while its competitors offer it as a flavor.

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