Ethernet Switch Manufacturers to make merry from emerging video surveillance industry

Ethernet Switch Manufactures will make merry in coming years and that will be due to emerge of video surveillance industry. This was revealed by IHS in their new report which clearly states that video surveillance industry will become a potentially lucrative business for switch makers in next five years.

The main reason to strengthen this trend is a prolonged migration from analogue to IP and continued world wide expansion in the use of video surveillance equipment. Additionally, the growing size and complexity of video surveillance networks is also fueling growth in the market for Ethernet switches. As per IHS latest forecast the market will get more than double over the next three years and will reach $500m mark by 2018.

According to IHS survey, the development of more sophisticated video surveillance networks will put an undoubted strain on the cabling and infrastructure and will result in network bottlenecks. In order to overcome such issues, security installers are coming up with network switches which not only avoid network bottlenecks, but are also light on pocket when compared to cameras and recorders.

Due to the sudden spur in the demand, Ethernet switch manufactures have already started to produce such products which are tailored for use in video surveillance applications. The growth in this arena has also encouraged other companies to look into this business vertical and that has given a raise to the list of manufactures in this segment.

Currently, the market is buzzing with a handful of recognized product manufactures who are tailoring the solutions for the video surveillance market. In coming days, the competition might increase and this may further cut down the cost of equipment. But whatever may be the outcome, the Ethernet switch manufactures market will surely get a boost from emerging video surveillance industry by 2018.

The other fact which came into light from the latest survey by IHS is that installers are now designing a video surveillance network with a PoE Ethernet Switch as standard. This is due to the fact that all major network cameras makers are offering PoE capability to their devices and also end users have just started to realize the full potential due to increased homogenization between standard bodies and manufactures.

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