Avoid forklift upgrades with StoneFly IP SAN appliances

Almost every enterprise goes for an upgrade of its highly valued technology assets at some point of time. This is to keep up pace with the latest technological developments or to accommodate business growth with the help of IT resources. Storage sub-systems and storage area networks should also be upgraded as per an enterprise business needs and the latest technological changes. Sometimes the upgrade decision comes more frequently and faster than expected due to various reasons like growth in data on par with the business.

At this juncture, the only option left is to add more raw capacity by scaling up and that is done with the addition of more disks with larger capacity. To improve SAN performance switches and host adapters have to be added too, along with the need to go for a storage system software upgrade which adds to the storage costs

At times, an enterprise IT manager is forced to go for a forklift upgrade, as the current in-house storage system/s is incompatible to the latest developments taking place in the field of storage. This is where; the enterprise will feel the pinch for not having a storage architecture which is highly scalable and redundant

Note – A forklift upgrade refers to a major replacement of key IT infrastructure.

When it comes to SAN forklift upgrade the complexity doubles up, as it requires a detailed planning and precise execution. Since, this upgrade needs to abide factors such as minimal downtime, zero-loss data migration, quick connection of storage servers with applications, databases & users the whole procedure has to be carried out with great levels of austerity.

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As part of a strategy to help enterprises better manage data growth, reduce storage costs and simplify management of IT infrastructure, StoneFly, Inc offers storage solutions that allow its customers avoid forklift upgrades altogether.

“StoneFly IP SAN solutions represent breakthroughs in storage economics. These appliances are designed for the purpose of rapid deployment, can simplify administrator management, offer utmost enterprise performance and are flexible enough for seamless scalability. By using them, enterprises can easily and cost effectively scale up and out as their storage needs grow, and no longer have to budget for forklift upgrades every few years”, said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President of StoneFly, Inc.

Engineered to be upgradable in the field, StoneFly storage solutions can be scaled while the system remains, online with data in place during the upgrade process. Thus, with this feature in place, the risk of downtime and data loss or corruption seen in traditional SANs gets eliminated. On a further note, the controllers can also be upgraded without the need to spend on additional software licensing fees unlike the traditional storage models.

Together, these features enable enterprises to keep a lid on expansion and lifetime costs, at the same time making their investments future proof.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click on StoneFly IP SAN features and specifications

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