Difference between Online Backup and Cloud storage

Many might have this doubt hitting their minds and might be looking for resources to help them clarify what exactly is the difference between an online backup and cloud storage. Here’s an article which will clarify it to you from the basics in brief and hope it succeeds in doing so.

Online Backup Solutions simply copy information from your PC and archive it online in order to safe guard your information in a secured way at another site. This helps you to retrieve the information when the need arises.

Coming to Cloud Storage, it works in a similar fashion, but adds some additional features to it. All your data can be stored online and can be shared and synced with several devices. The benefit is that your information is at your finger tips and is available on any device….. Even if that device is a PC in an internet café, a friends tablet, your own smart phone or even to people on the internet through social media.

The difference between cloud storage and an online backup is nothing. Some companies prefer to use one term or another for marketing reasons, but they are in fact identical with some minute differences.

In recent years, the term Cloud is being used as a popular word. But it is basically another word for the internet. Originally this term came into use with the advent of Cloud Computing which basically offers services to several computers connected to a network. Now, that every PC is connected to the web, it is hard for anything to not be part of the cloud.

Cloud backup now refers to a simple backup service which can be accessed and modified through multiple devices. Online backup works in similar fashion, but is referred to as a timed backup that takes place on single and allocated device.

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