StoneFly Super Scale Out NAS is now commercially available

StoneFly, Inc., a pioneer in offering highly available and cost effective IP Storage appliances has made it official that its Super Scale Out NAS is commercial available from this month end on a global note. StoneFly SSO Super Scale Out NAS storage appliance delivers unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability to environments where scaling out of storage capacity along with performance is more than a necessity.

StoneFly™ SSO NAS storage appliance has the ability to scale up to 36 drives and can reach 216 terabytes of storage per chassis at up to 108 drives per node. The nodes can be increased on demand and thus is a perfect storage appliance to manage large quantities of unstructured data within a single global namespace and a single file system. Specially, this appliance was designed for markets that require vast quantities of high bandwidth throughput or fast parallel throughput for very large files required for high performance computing in media and entertainment.

“SSO is the most flexible platform on earth. You can start small and grow as big as you want- a natural fit for big data. Optimized for storing media and backup, built it one node at a time and scale both capacity and performance as you add nodes”, said Mo Tahmasebi, CEO and President, StoneFly, Inc.

StoneFly™ SSO can be used as a super fast primary storage for visual effects and high IO intensive media production applications that require high-concurrent sequential throughput, post production transcodes and streaming media based services.

So, in order to get a ‘Cheap and Deep Storage’ which can effectively handle enormous volumes of generated data in your IT environments, go for Super Scale Out NAS appliance from StoneFly.

For more details click StoneFly SSO NAS or call 510.265.1616

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