StoneFly unifies and repurposes legacy data storage equipment with high availability IP SAN Gateway Appliance

StoneFly a pioneer in providing iSCSI storage has began shipping its remarkably Unified Storage Concentrator (USC) and Unified Storage Concentrator Highly Available cluster line of IP SAN Gateway appliances. Thus, with these appliances businesses can easily convert their existing Fibre Channel, SAS, or iSCSI storage by assigning or provisioning all or part of their existing EMC, NetApp or Dell Storage through the StoneFly IP SAN Gateway.

The cornerstone of StoneFly IP SAN Gateway is its patented storage virtualization engine that is used in its software defined storage architecture, by making the step up to hyper converged infrastructure affordable for SMBs by leveraging their existing in-house legacy equipment.

“USC is the ultimate solution to bring back legacy storage equipment to life with the latest in storage and server virtualization. And this can take place irrespective of the brand the old storage equipment holds,” said Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO for StoneFly, Inc. He added that USC allows its users to assign a storage pool and then create new volumes for all of their hosts. Once all the storage volumes have been provisioned by USC or USC HA cluster appliance, then users can enjoy StoneFly’s numerous advanced data storage management features enriched by StoneFly’s patented StoneFusion Network Operating System.

USC HA IP SAN Gateway can act as an easy to manage, fully redundant, highly available modular appliance where all the server and storage needs can be obtained consolidated into one solution. The user can also use a virtualized operating system for complete hardware utilization and considerable reduction in power and cooling costs.

With the availability of StoneFly SCVM on USC HA appliances, the creation of additional virtual storage or virtual servers becomes easier. StoneFly IP SAN Gateways also support a wide range of virtual server environments including VMware, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft Hyper-V.

For more details click on StoneFly USC IP SAN Gateway Appliance or call 510.265.1616

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