NAS Storage Appliance usage for Video Surveillance Applications

A Network Attached Storage or NAS appliance can be treated as an ideal video surveillance storage platform only when it completely satisfies performance needs and is isolated from frame loss issues. If a user intends to use this video storage platform to record videos from DVRs, multiple applications such as video management systems, physical security information management systems and video analytics, then the OEM must give a certified assurance that the system is suitable for all such video surveillance applications usage.

If the plan is to use the NAS system to record from not just DVRs, but instead from NVRs and/or directly from IP Cameras, then the OEM must give an assurance that the said equipment has been tested and certified with all leading NVR software’s and with IP Network Cameras. On an additional note, if the vendor has done performance and capacity testing with all the leading 3rd party physical security vendors, then the magnitude with which these systems will sell high in the market increases.

So, why choose a DNF Security Twin Scale Out NAS

  • DNF Security Twin Scale out NAS storage appliances delivers unprecedented performance, redundancy and scalability. Utmost performance along with capacity and compatibility with all leading VMSes and cameras is guaranteed. These appliances are designed in such a way that their users can scale out storage capacity while scaling up performance. Thus, with the help of mirrored twin scale out NAS nodes scaling up to 36 drives and 144 TB of storage per node is possible.
  • Moreover, a DNF Security Twin Scale out NAS adds capabilities that simplify storage for video surveillance systems. They are:
  • All the nodes in this NAS storage are represented as a single, global namespace. So, a VMS server can access the same volume and same data from any node in the cluster.
  • A DNF Security Twin Scale Out NAS appliance storage capacity can be increased up to 144 TBs.
  • Data is stripped across all drives in the pool and thereby providing load balancing as well as increased performance. If bigger or more drives are added to the pool, capacity and striping are adjusted automatically.
  • This NAS is enriched with data management features such as storage and disk management, volume management, and file system management. This results in faster, easier and cheaper administration.
  • Moreover, Scale out NAS of DNF Security enabled the user to protect data through a range of backup and replication capabilities which includes unlimited snapshots and clones. It allows synchronization to multiple destinations, thereby allowing site-to-site replications across disparate destinations.

So, if you are looking for a storage solution, or, if your present storage configurations are outdated, pricey, hard to use, or just plainly unreliable, call 510.265.1122 or click on DNF Security Scale Out NAS.

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