HGST Ultrastar 6TB Helium Hard Drives get a certification from iSCSI storage pioneer StoneFly

StoneFly, Inc., a pioneer in offering iSCSI storage solutions has finished the certification on HGST UltraStar 6TB hard drives filled with Helium. StoneFly, which is a subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory, certified HGST Ultrastar 6TB He Hard drives after using across all its IP SAN, Scale out NAS, Hyper Converged Infrastructure Storage Solutions Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Nowadays, data centers are in a look out for high density solutions which are available in minuscule rack space and consume less power. This is where StoneFly Storage appliances gain an A+ certification, as they are being offered with increased storage capacity by 50% across the board while reducing both CapEx and OpEx per usable Terabyte. StoneFly HA solutions feature scalable capacities of up to 90TB for every 1U of rack height.

In order to deliver increased capacity of storage in miniscule rackspace solutions, StoneFly is using HGST’s Ultrastar 6TB helium filled hard drives. These drives are enriched with features such as 1/7th density of air, operate with 23% low idle power, are 49% better in Watts/TB ratio than the current HDDs which run with air, are 4-5°C cooler when compared to 4TB Hard drives and are 30% quieter while operating when compared to normal hard drives.

“Latest capacity of Ultrastar He6 drives from HGST (a Western Digital Subsidiary) helps to reduce the size of your storage appliance and brings the operating costs down,” said Mo Tahmasebi, President and CEO of StoneFly, Inc. He added that the use of Helium in hard drives reduces friction, vibration and other mechanical issues that limit the storage density of conventional hard drives. As a result, it makes the storage appliances which include these drives less power hungry.

Therefore, for those organizations which prefer petite storage solutions due to lack of storage footprint in their premises, StoneFly offers appliances which are loaded with helium filled hard drives from HGST.

For more details call 510.265.1616 or click StoneFly IP San Products.

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