Port of West Sacramento uses DNF Security Video Storage

Port of West Sacramento, located 79 nautical miles North of San Francisco is using DNF Security Video Storage solutions from the past few years. In order to counter challenges propelled by decentralized surveillance systems and outdated cameras, DNF security Video Management System and storage platforms were selected by the port authorities.

The port is located in bustling transportation network having direct access to major inter state and Highway Roads, International Airports and National Railway Systems. So, the management started to face a lot of challenges from antiquated and not well integrated security cameras and overall systems.

At this juncture, the port authorities started to explore options in order to ease their surveillance management needs. And this is where DNF Security, a business unit of Dynamic Network Factory came to rescue as a one stop solution for all its surveillance needs. DNF Security highly scalable, redundant and high in storage capacity solutions were selected by the authorities Port of West Sacramento.

DNF Security Falcon Video Workstation, Falcon Video Management Engine and Seahawk Video Storage were used for this purpose. Thus, these three critical components began to prove as keystones that enabled the Port’s total surveillance execution. The main highlight of all these three solutions is modularity. And moreover, as camera counts increase over years, most video surveillance installations demand forklift upgrades. But all DNF Security related video recording, management and storage solutions are highly scalable and redundant. Therefore, the need to go for a forklift upgrade gets eliminated.

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